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RT if you got the @Royals cutting into the Tigers AL Central lead with a W today on FOX! #DETvsKC #Royals

Amazing, Oakland in free fall mode. Seattle loses too. If the #Royals make the playoffs, Id liken it to the 06 Chiefs backing into playoffs

Kansas City - Olathe

In those 18 games, the #Tigers have out-homered the #Royals 17-8. It's almost like if you hit more home runs, you win more games.

Olathe, KS

KU wins MU loses... Helps the pain of the #Royals loss. #rockchalk

Olathe, Ks

5 games with 30,000+ crowds. 7 runs in those games. 3 of them scored on a base hit. The #Royals can't hit. It's plain and simple.

Olathe, KS

The Perez screw up was awful. It's even worse that the #Royals think the umps cost them the game, not bad execution and awful decisions.

Olathe, KS

RT @TheFakeNed: Welp. #Royals #Mizzou

Olathe, KS

James Shields is the only guy on the #Royals that I actually feel bad for. Only guy who has showed any heart in these make-or-break games.

Olathe, KS

It's just so dang demoralizing. We're like Charlie Brown thinking that /this/ will be the time we get to kick that football. #Royals

Olathe, KS

It's just sad. I've ranted and raved - I just want a team that plays, realizes mistakes, and improves. The #Royals simply do not.

Olathe, KS

The organizations that succeed are the ones that are accountable, admit mistakes, and get better. Sums up the #Royals right there.

Olathe, KS














RT @lablovertoo: Olathe police department k-9 handler nick and Hatto at tractor supply in Olathe. Come day hi! @OlathePolice