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RT @johnpboyle: Marysville Pilchuck and Oak Harbor; how a forfeit became the best story in sports this week:

Olympia, WA

Proponents of competing state initiatives on gun background checks quick to comment on Marysville shooting: #MPHS

Olympia, wa

RT @NatashaKIRO7: Marysville Edu. Assoc. pres: this was Megan Silberberger's 1st semester teaching. Now she's a hero for stopping shooter #PrayForPilchuck


Another School Shooting - This time Marysville - #schoolshooting #needguncontrol

Olympia WA

RT @sailorhoney: My heart and thoughts are in Marysville tonight for all the victims, students, & families involved with the shooting. #MPHS

Olympia, WA

RT @chelseaharmon_: Monroe High School ?s Marysville Pilchuck. #PrayForPilchuck #PrayForMarysville #PrayForMP @KING5Seattle


RT @kwisdumb: Marysville is in my thoughts. Truly tragic situation.

Olympia, Washington

RT @seattletimes: Football game was canceled after Friday's shooting. So Oak Harbor simply gave Marysville-Pilchuck the division title:

Olympia, Washington