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Vine by Jack and Jack - Planes - Jeremih
Patrick Barnes's post on Vine - Vine by Patrick Barnes - Possessed Vacuum 😂#ManiacOnTheFloor #CallAnExcorcist
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que nojo #askmagcult
@justinbieber Excited f#BieberRoast @john @shots
“@justinbieber: The #BieberRoast starts now on @ComedyCentral !! Im screwed. Lol” 👏👏👏👏
"@camerondallas: Reunited with this handsome guy..."
Ugh hate u but ur so hot “@justinbieber: I want to see your reactions to the #BieberRoast on @shots tonight!”
school in the way brb
Turning off my PC at 9
This video is about Hustle D Love, Laugh, Live

Sydney - Oklahoma
Adrianna - Texas
Ximena - California
Samantha - Michigan 
Malorei - Iowa
Yousra - GERMANY
Lisa - Indiana
Lee - Missouri
Hannah - Georgia
Angelina - GERMANY
Abby - New York
Emily & Abrianne - Arkansas
Brittany - Virginia
Deanna - New York
Selena & Anna - Michigan
Shea - Iowa
Mackenzi, Tony, Hannah, & Xavier - Texas
Kelsey - California
Whittni - Indiana
Kandra - Kentucky
Brenda - Oregon
Corinna - California
Rebekah - California
Julia - South Carolina
Bobby Lee - Oklahoma
Mindy & Cameo - Arizona
Kelsey & Brianna - Ohio
Giselle & Lonnie - California
Brooke - Nebraska
Renee - Alabama
Lalaine - Maryland
Bevan - Ontario, CANADA
Amanda - Michigan
Taylor & Kaylee - North Carolina
Deanna & Alessandra - Ontario, CANADA
Esmi - California 
Amanda - Illinois
Roxanne & Shatz - Connecticut
Tommi - Illinois
Shayla - Illinois
Cassie - Indiana
Lacey - Indiana
Trini - California
Sarah & Cortnee - Illinois
Kristen & Brittany - Indiana
Katrina - Wisconsin 

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this project! Without you this would not have been possible, youre all amazing!! 

SoMo, if youre watching, we hope you enjoy it. 

Less Stress, More Love!
Getting ready to watch #bieberroast on Comedy Central (via @shots)
Oh my! Haha RT @CBSSportsNBA: WATCH: Kyle Korver scores 11 points in 65 seconds
Nebraska wandelpad uitgeroepen tot een van de top 10 in het land door USA Today -
"@comedynetwork: It all goes down in just 1 HOUR. Are you ready to burn @Justinbieber? #BieberRoast"
the real reason siblings are made
Abstract Heart Ring  Key to my Heart ring  Heart by JabberDuck
“@girlposts: I just had too much fun with this 😂” I did this like 14799432x 😂
Always a pleasure to create some visual magic with Aromas + Crew. They just launched their new roastery, #HardyCoffee, and I had the pleasure of shooting the brand today. Visit their store in the Old Market or Benson and sip some soon!

Thanks for the photo, Autumn! xx
Tonight at 10: @ThorTripp talks with @UNO_Hockey head coach Dean Blais about the teams historic tournament run
“@thefemaleboook: my brain in math” @Kevin_7313
"@Ashton5SOS: Life Right now is me sitting on the side of the road eating this cookie"
guys you should totally do this😜😘👈
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RT @MenInBlazers: We look forward to Comedy Central's roast of Julian Green once the US win 2018 World Cup #SportOfFuture #NoSleepTilMoscow #BieberRoast

Omaha, Nebraska

RT @MadisonElleBeer: RT if you think the bieber roast is funny so far ?


RT @tarahsaylor27: Who knew Martha Stewart could roast more than just chicken

omaha, ne

@realjeffreyross Hope you can live up to your end of this Roast! @MarthaStewart just killed it! DAMN SON!! #BeiberRoast

Omaha, Nebraska

RT @samir: We should roast @justinbieber once a year, make it a national holiday, close schools, cancel work. we need this

Austin to Omaha

i was actually enjoying the bieber roast until i saw jack and madison..


RT @FakeMikeMatheny: Can we do a @ComedyCentral roast of the Chicago Cubs?

Omaha, Nebraska

everyone roasts one another for the longest time and roast justin for like a few seconds lmao

5/5 of omaha

@HuskerPower66 Hey Seth, your quick thoughts to the Justin Bieber roast so far.


RT @GoHarg_GoHome: This roast has me dying???

Omaha, Nebraska
Tonight at 10: @ThorTripp talks with @UNO_Hockey head coach Dean Blais about the teams historic tournament run
Congrats! @UNO_Hockey @TerrierHockey @UNDmhockey @FriarsHockey are #Boston bound. See you at #TDGarden #FrozenFour!
@UNO_Hockey team is going to Boston! Now for a few post-game celebration photos








Never forget. #MichaelColesShoe #raw
Vine by Rob Wootton - Select your character #THPS


Excited for the roast premier tonight! It was awesome being there #BieberRoast @john @justinbieber @shots
I want to see your reactions to the #BieberRoast on @shots tonight!
#BIEBERROAST is tonight! Share your reactions on @Shots!!
#BieberRoast premieres tonight at 10/9c on @ComedyCentral. Go to Shots tonight and post a selfie with your reaction!