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when u get new shoes but wear them on the wrong day
When you get some new kicks but wear them on the wrong day
"Hillary Clinton needs to address the racist undertones of her 2008 campaign." #FlashbackFriday
Today I accomplished one of my many life goals , God is good
*sees 1 Halloween store that's not even open yet* me:
The #SaintPabloTour... He's performing it all folks. All the old classics. All the new classics. Kanye being Kanye.
RT @kishreedus: This is funny he deadass made these ignorant people feel stupid
my heart 😫😍 this is too cute!
Vine by Katie Ryan - Ok guys, #tbt Tis the season!
I'm too weak this kid is literally too Dominican 😭😭😭
This completes my childhood. Whoever made this thank you
Stoners React to the @RAWLIFE247 Double Barrel! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO! 👇👇👇
$500,000! Huge props to the @DestinyTheGame Community Con for raising half a million dollars, all for charity!
Tony Romo appeared to hurt his back. Great block by Zeke, but certainly not what the Cowboys want to see
😂 me after i get my hair done.
Your iPhone is super vulnerable to getting hacked so update it ASAP 📲
That's it fans! YOU voted and here is our No.1 player in the Magic History! 🏆👏
Vine by Atlanta Braves - Dazzling Dansby
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Great article on #coffee rust via @mexicond. R.Cuchet (video on our blog) was right.   $ONOV
I aint know what to do 😂😂
Lil Yachty owes this nigga 60% of his checks
Amazing Thugger.
Reminds me of a certain ATLien I know.
Someone put Young Thug in a car wash. 😂
Story time:today my friend sent me a pic she saw on some kids snap chat I confronted the rest folks😇
& it begins lol Young Thug
Account Balance: -$37.83

Posted Transactions
Wingstop- $12.83
Subway- $10.92
Taco Bell- $8.65
Whataburger- $9.97
Me: *feels a cold breeze outside*
Young Thug is not pioneering anything. A lot of Atlanta musicians have been eccentric through the years.
Stranger Things (2016)
In a nutshell; damned if you do, damned if you dont. 
The lottery of indecency - Via @LaSauvageJaune
@WestOrange_OCPS sad to see this kind of racial bullying is going on in the school i graduated from
""JEFFERY"" available tonight at 12am est.
questioning why I chose this fool as Lailas Godfather now
this is worth the 2 min read
RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win a #NationalDogDay Pop! Pets prize pack!
Dont fall asleep in public 😂
We come away with a W in Orlando.
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Young Joc look like that one female police officer that be real strict but cool at the same time
Yall got to chill with these Young Joc pics tho... 😩😂 #icantwithtwittertoday
RIP Young Joc 💀💀
Yall officially in timeout RT @TroyLawsonJr: Who wore it better? Young Joc or Grandma Winslow
Young Joc look Spongebob on thr episode he took Pearl to prom 😂😂😂
Why Young Joc look like SpongeBob when he took Pearl to the prom
Young Joc look like the auntie that always show up in scrubs and crocs and been at her job for at least 15 years
Man young joc gettin roasted 😭😭😭
🏆 RT @LifeOfThad: Joc 😂😂😂😂😂 5 Heartbeats
Young Joc look like a single mother who drive a Honda Civic and all Her Facebook post about her son say " My king "
Young Joc look like the guy from beyond scared straight
Young Joc looks like he starts every sentence with guuurlfriennnd...


We want to see your pups in their City gear for #NationalDogDay! Have a picture? Use #OrlandoCityPups for a RT!
#NationalDogDay should be an observed holiday with a day off so we can stay home and cuddle with our pups!!! #news6
Today is National Dog Day. Post a picture of you and your dog in the comments. This is me and my pup presley. - Joe Rock WMMO
HAPPY NATIONAL PUP DAY! @dannyphantomlx
this made my day 😂
this is worth the 2 min read
"Or fix her?" 😂 I am crying


Game Day FAQ: @ORLPride vs @WashSpirit Lots: 4:30pm Box Office: 5:30pm Gates: 6:30pm Kick-Off: 7:30pm
If you arent ready for gameday, just watch this video approximately 5 times and you will be set. #FilledWithPride