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β€œ@Food_BibIe: My One True Love” tbh ????

palmdale, ca.

And tbh my heart hurts


RT @Mac_Ivan_: @herrera_kkaty14 still get a little salty everytime you call me that lol. I always wanna fight you tbh.

Palmdale Ca.

????➰ you were a great soccer player ???? I wish I knew you better tbh ????

becky is my best friend

My boyfriend is great TBH

Palmdale, CA

????- prettiest Asian I know tbh ???????? you look like a really chill person to be friends with ????

palmdale. CA

Surprised u still had my number tbh????

palmdale C.A.

I wish we lived in Lancaster tbh

palmdale, ca

RT @theloveofkay_: Ellys party was the best party I've gone to tbh


My little brother might be cooler than me tbh.

Palmdale CA