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Got a little excited - Hunter smithhs post on Vine
.@5SOS have arrived! #ARIAs @ashton5sos @luke5sos @calum5sos @michael5sos - ARIAs post on Vine
"Hey sir,Can I have a bite? " - Mightyducks post on Vine
Pull Up On Ya… Literally ???????????? #Deleting #BdotAdot5 #BlackRanked - BdotAdot5s post on Vine
If you dont follow me on vine yet go follow! I comment people back all the time. Dont forget to turn on notifications
leticia has a breakdown - yaaass arianas post on Vine
remember when 5sos opened for 1D on tmht and for most ppl in the audience this was the only song they knew that 5sos sang im sad - ☯ edits idkk ☯s post on Vine
YouTube - NEW Best Vines Compilation 2014 | FUNNIEST Vines of the YEAR So Far