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“@dariandbrooks: Drake be like.. Pt. 1 (My Way Remix) (Meek Mill Diss) 😂”😭😂😂😂😂
She tweaking off dat water 💀
Fellas: would you let a girl do this to you for $50 mill?
🔥🔥🔥RT @espn: ICYMI: The @Royals new rule for interviews? Quote Fetty Wap or get fined.
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This guy Wilmer Flores cried for 4 innings for no reason lmaoooo

Maywood, NJ

RT @YankeeFan239: The #Mets thought to themselves how can we play a prank on everyone. Let's pretend to trade for Carlos Gomez and make Wimler Flores cry.

paterson NJ

RT @espn: To recap: Wilmer Flores thinks he's been traded, Mets keep him in game, he cries on field ... ends up not traded.

Paramus, NJ

RT @JimmyTraina: Surreal scene. Mets trade Wilmer Flores but leave him in game. Flores then cries on field while playing.

Paterson NJ

RT @Ken_Rosenthal: Asked official involved with Gomez trade why Flores is still in game. Reply: “No deal is done. The entire world has jumped the gun.”

Fair Lawn, NJ

RT @jessespector: Even without a trade happening, the Mets did Wilmer Flores wrong, and they should be ashamed.

Paterson, New Jersey

@nelson1193 True but this is funny tbh but I feel bad for Flores

Paterson, New Jersey

RT @TheClemReport: I can live with giving up Zack Wheeler and Wilmer Flores for Carlos Gomez. But I can NOT accept losing Wheeler's boo

Paterson, New Jersey

RT @NOTSportsCenter: Wilmer Flores gets emotional after realizing you can't escape the #Mets, even if they trade you

Maywood, NJ

RT @DocInRealLife: Flores is shuffled on to Milwaukee, he tries to exit the game; DENIED! A tear goes careening down his face,WHAT A CLASSLESS MOVE MY GOODNESS

Wayne, NJ