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Also.. Here's my good morning message for the day. Well.. Video message.
UZI & Britt relationship problems 🤐
Had to bring it back for the one time since we all back in town😂😈 @thereal_sumo @_jgotthejuice_ @TheReal_Emann
Vine by Legion Hoops - James Harden.....messing with kids at his camp. Savage. 😂 (via Mike Goldfarb)
Brittany ain't going nowhere 🙄💕
Vine by LeBron James ✅ - 👑 King James highlights #Cavs #NBAChampions
What is art? This is art.
driving with your bestfriend like
me: i hate rubix cubes bae: i love rubix cubes me:
i'm going to play this video at least once a day.
haters will say photoshop
'100it Racks' - Future ft Drake & 2 Chainz
Desiigner speaking cursive
It's over. This cannot be topped.
happy birthday suggaa, enjoy it.. love you ❤️💑 #mcm @Wilderj_
Vine by Astasia Williams - When your parents finally let you watch BET Uncut
Dawg does desiigner have a disability? LMFAOO
Vine by Mike Goldfarb | Shaqtin a Fool - Say what you want about him but the Shaqtin MVP is entertaining! 😂
Vine by David Kuper - Won't you take me to funky town
When you see your friend crying
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Ladies & gentlemen, I present to u: boys
#summer16 💟
The beard is gone again 😭
Helping out lumber building providing great customer service.
BREAKING: Argentina F Lionel Messi says that he will retire from international competition.
Like fr 😂
When you drop a 55lb dumbbell on your phone
Moral of the story of my life 🙃
Abort abort abort. Weve been compromised.
omm this some bs😭😭😭😭
I luv it
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TONIGHT on @WWE #RAW: @RealPaigeWWE & @SashaBanksWWE takes on @MsCharlotteWWE & @DanaBrookeWWE! #RAW

RT @solomonster: Remember that one episode of #Raw where Bray Wyatt was a babyface? Yeah, that was pretty neat.

Paterson, New Jersey


Saddle Brook, New Jersey

RT @WrestlingLAD: Why do I think Xavier woods is the most interesting out of the three #RAW

Paterson, New Jersey

RT @ji711: And Jericho somehow isn't. Makes no sense. #RAW

Paterson, New Jersey

RT @NewAgeInsiders: Orton? Balor? Itami? Neville? Kane. #RAW #ICTitle

Paterson, New Jersey


Paterson, New Jersey

RT @TheOnlySherrod: All this Kane slander smh #RAW

Paterson, New Jersey

Kane still getting title shots in 2016! #RAW

Paterson, New Jersey

RT @TheNBShow: Triple H: "Vince, the Demon is backstage tonight." Vince: " Great! Kane will wrestle tonight" Triple H: "No....I mean.....*sigh*" #Raw

Paterson, NJ

RT @nodqdotcom: The Miz comes out for his opponent... who turns out to be... Demon Kane. #WWE #RAW

Paterson, New Jersey


Damn, she really cried