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#SomethingIGetAlot "you look like your brother" ????????


#SomethingIGetAlot your whiteness blinds me


#SomethingIGetAlot why do you have red hair when your parents don't


#SomethingIGetAlot where's Mary?


#SomethingIGetAlot Do you play basketball? What about volleyball? No? You play soccer? But you're tall...


#SomethingIGetAlot You got ass, but you white tho


#SomethingIGetAlot you and @lindsayyallenn are the same


#SomethingIGetAlot "you're ugly af"


So since you're arab, do you wear a towel on your head? #SomethingIGetAlot


#SomethingIGetAlot "WOW you're so tall! How tall are you? Do you play basketball?" ???????????????????? every day