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A NIGGA IN CHINA's post on Vine - teyana Taylor gets her ankles played with. damn boo - A NIGGA IN CHINA's post on Vine
chase tomson's post on Vine - Will yeets so hard - chase tomson's post on Vine
beeasybri's post on Vine - Too many lives have been taken in the hands of "justice." If we do not create change, change will never come. ✋🚨✋ - beeasybri's post on Vine
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ZaeeMME's post on Vine - Yo How The Fuck Did He Just Do This ? #magic #dancing #battle #revineThis #REVINE 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌(MUST WATCH & SHARE AROUND) - ZaeeMME's post on Vine
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OTGTV: Revolt Launch, City Blue, Follow The Dream, and More. October-December
BattlesNBA's post on Vine - Yeaah DRose Is Back #LightWork - BattlesNBA's post on Vine
WillGotthejuice2's post on Vine - No EX Zone ‼️ 😂😭 "You Know Better" - WillGotthejuice2's post on Vine
Alexus Montgomery's post on Vine - Convinced she's from the hood 😈😂😭 - Alexus Montgomery's post on Vine
celeste's post on Vine - at the shelter earlier and the 🐱 didnt wanna go back in the crate. 😹❤️ - celeste's post on Vine
HailKeeTheQueen's post on Vine - Y'all I'm high so don't judge 😂😂😂 #latenightmunchies - HailKeeTheQueen's post on Vine
ItsBoutTIM's post on Vine - 2k14 Be Like 😂😂😂 - ItsBoutTIM's post on Vine
NBA's post on Vine - Derrick Rose attacks for the and1 at @usabasketball practice! - NBA's post on Vine
Official Twerk Team's post on Vine - Goofy twerk in Toronto 😂 #TwerkTeamDailyTwerk - Official Twerk Team's post on Vine
Gina Daulerio's post on Vine - Nick Roché YESSSS!!! #Philly #AR #JimmyFallon - Gina Daulerio's post on Vine
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deion z's post on Vine - don't you ever just - deion's post on Vine
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SPOILER ALERT: In a shocking turn of events @AndiDorfman has CHOSEN Joel EMBIID over josh and nick #TheBachelorette
The fact that Cosmo is calling this "plus-sized" is disgusting
I better be able to know if Lloyd said "she fine too" or "she 52"
Chip Kelly made a funny when talking about how overrated the NFL Draft is. But heres the thing...
One. Two. Tree.
This is in my area. I cant stop crying. I might die tonight #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack #ICC4Israel #AJAGAZA
RT @JackSidey: Wow... someones getting fired at Paramount marketing
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RT @hydefclive: It's finished 3-2 to Burnley plenty of plus points especially Ron Jeremy lasting 90 minutes.

West Philly

Me: Mom I'm hungry Her: Think about the ppl in Haiti Me: So you gon get me food or nah? Lol like I really dnt like wen they do that

West Philly


PA philly

Oh my what a royal trumpet. #dirtymushroom

boston via philly

Southwest Philly, represent.


RT @Torae: Here's the audio from my interview with Common on SiriusXM Hip Hop Nation video footage coming soon. #TheTorGuide...

New York via Philly

Missing footage from Sep 23, 1988. All preseason.


Thurs. 7/31..calling all Leo's to the rooftop for the BDay bash! Leo's Arrive between 7-9pm and first…

Philly, PA

RT @tracieeeeee: Oh it's coming my friend and if US AMERICANS DONT ACT NOW STAT ITS GOING TO BE BAD @ken__nolan

philly, pa

RT @delaware_gay: Am I a good friend? That is the question everyone should ask themselves at some point in life. Sadly, some people just don't.