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THE North Hills Indians Marching Band is no contest, the BEST band in the wpial
Epic footage of the night. @SFGiants #respectPagan
Imagine this was your house, I wouldn't even leave tbh
"Why don't you just try studying a little every night so you don't have to cram"
Man. Appreciate this @IlliniFootball. The college football family is amazing. #SF27 #forever2seven
I've watched this video several times and am not yet done being amused by it
Looks like those soccer warmups were essential. ⚽️
Sheary and Wilson look to be in midseason form.
When another girl tries to fuck with ur man
This is hard
Nobody here was “having fun” except for Trump.
Vine by Cardi B - THROWBACK
Meek just dissed Beanie, Drake, 50 and Game. #dc4
Best invention of our generation IMO 🙆🏾
watch til the end.. #jujuonthatbeat
I am CRYING RT @barstoolsports: When Apple Care wont cover water damage so you take matters into your own hands
Vine by Katie Ryan - Happy October 1st 🎃 #tb
🎥 this is exactly what we been saying Meek Mill just GIVE US THEM BARZ 🌊🏄
Vine by Katie Ryan - Ok guys, #tbt Tis the season!
This Principal LIT
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Sunday night vibes ! The KING !! 🏌👑  Going Live! #signup #freealerts #stockmarket #stocks #finance #algos
Antonio Browns cleats feature a tribute to Arnold Palmer. (via @AntonioBrown)
Tonight’s three stars →
⭐️ Marc-Andre Fleury
⭐️⭐️ Scott Wilson
⭐️⭐️⭐️ David Warsofsky
It’s good to see these friendly faces back!
This how I dressed when I shoveled the driveway growing up,
Even after all these years they sit in the car and listen to music together. @Calum5SOS @Luke5SOS @Michael5SOS xx
Greene on Pittsburgh: "It was like football heaven to me."

📝 |
"clown sighting and stabbing in Pennsylvania"
u vs the guy she tell u not to worry about
Sign up now! Free Service! Lots of great Data! #freealerts #stockmarket #stocks #ipo #algos #buyin #StocksToTrade
Thats all folks! The #Pens defeat the Blackhawks for the second time in preseason. Scott Wilson with the lone goal.
Tomorrow is October
@Phil_Kessel_Ego @CarlHagsEgo @BonesEgo @penguins
#Steelers Tweets: Soon. #HereWeGo #NFL
Its the little things. 😄

Thanks for the puck, @EricFehr!
This guy has been on fire 🔥 tonight. Poke check replay:
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On the road again. #Uber #Pittsburgh

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LIVE on #Periscope: I'm in the #Pittsburgh area tonight & tomorrow morning...

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Sunshine rain. If you live in #Pittsburgh that makes sense. It's sun shining and raining at the same time.

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RT @905wesa: Doors Open #Pittsburgh a perfect event for the nebby local:

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Always have to show my fellow #yinzers love & this #Pittsburgh #comedian @Tjonespoc just so happens to be a friend of mine #PittsburghProud

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Sunday night vibes ! The KING !! 🏌👑
It’s good to see these friendly faces back!
Sheary and Wilson look to be in midseason form.
Coach Sullivan: "Sid is going to join us on Tuesday."
When your teammate returns from the World Cup of Hockey... #HockeyHugs


Can yall retweet this for me! Just a couple of announcements about todays Gucci Mane show! #GucciManeOctoberFest! 🔥😈💯