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Когда мне говорят, что ничего не получится:
In 2015, the Philly team (4 major pro sports) with the best win pct is the Phillies, who had worst record in MLB
No Green Bay Packer will wear No. 4 ever again.
Bart Starr. Brett Favre.

Incredible. #TH4NKSGIVING
RT if youre having a turkey dinner tonight...or if you want a chance to win a #HUT Mega Pack!
Me today vs me tomorrow
Everyones mom when you have people coming over for Thanksgiving😂
this is my new fav wisdom teeth video 😂
Happy Thanksgiving yall!!!!  I love PIE!!!
Happy Thanksgiving from the 2 of us!!!
Cam Newton’s measurables are ridiculous.
me today vs me tomorrow
Thankful for all our loyal followers, giving away 2 of these gold shirts.

RT to enter!
#tbt to that day in Detroit.
Luke Kuechly is 1st player with interceptions on consecutive plays from scrimmage since 1997 (via @EliasSports).
@ElisaCarrioArg @SoyAnamaas1 DIFUNDIR Y QUE SEA VIRAL HASTA EL #10D #MacriNoEstaSolo
"what are you thankful for today?"
What a moment.
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Ll Cool J - Mama Said Knock U Out-Clean #Now on #Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

Stephen Thunder:... #Pittsburgh #Strippers

Pittsburgh, PA

Wiz Khalifa - The Thrill #Now on #Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

Jim Jones - Jim Jones We Fly High Remix Clean #Now on #Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

Swv Ft Missy Elliot - Can We #Now on #Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

Can you recommend anyone for this #Nursing #job? #Pittsburgh, PA #Hiring


H - H-Town & Jodeci #Now on #Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

#Pittsburgh Light of Life shines on Thanksgiving


Bohagan Feat.Crime Mob &D4l - Wuz Up (Clean) #Now on #Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

Dmx Feat. Sisco - What These Bitches Want-Clean W Intro #Now on #Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA
.@PanicAtTheDisco‘s new single will have you dancing all night long—hear #LADevotee now!


#tbt to that day in Detroit.




Last minute papers due, finals coming up, lowkey becomin broke from food & fun, studying but cant focus
Me right now.
A strong independent dog who dont need no man


ICYMI: DeAngelo Williams took a selfie with a turkey in a car because, ya know, Thanksgiving
Meet the family that took in Olli Maatta at 16 & much more on a NEW Inside @penguins Hockey tonight after Postgm!




FINAL: #Bears 17, Packers 13. THATS what were thankful for. #CHIvsGB


Diamond encrusted Benz ????????
FINAL: #Bears 17, Packers 13. THATS what were thankful for. #CHIvsGB
Happy Thanksgiving from the 2 of us!!!