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i had a rlly bad day and just got over being sad and then I just remembered i won't ever see Mr. Yepez's cute face around school anymore


I get that it's a big thing for Yepez to get arrested, but posting it everywhere isn't going to change anything.


Mr. Yepez done goofed


Mr Yepez is about to be the main topic when we get back to school ?


Wtf!!! My nigga yepez bruhhh ?




All Mr. yepez hoes coming out on Twitter now ?


My entire senior class saw this whole Yepez thing coming. I'm surprised it took this long

Port Saint Lucie, Florida

When yepez says "fine I'll give you an A then"

Port St Lucie, FL

YEPez turned to NOPEz

Port St Lucie, FL