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Vine by Harrison Nussbaum - I CAN FEEL IT COMING IN THE AIR TONIGHT #puppyvine #cuteanimals
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Thank you guys for watching!! DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME BY ANY MEANS!! I love you Kylie
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Music Credit Joey Gatto
"@DavidAyerMovies: The Suicide Squad wishes you a Happy Anniversary Mr. J! #Joker75 #SuicideSquad @darthbrush"
Green Muscovite necklace Sterling silver Labradorite by * JabberDuck
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The second single from Vursatyls Crooked Straights:
If youve caught Blackalicious on tour over the last fifteen years or so, you will have witnessed first hand the prodigious talent of Portland based rapper and singer Vursatyl.
Now 24 years into his rap career, Crooked Straights marks a new chapter in Vurstatyls story; unbelievably this is the first time hes taken centre stage to release a solo record. Full of warm, soulful, Dilla-esque hip hop beats created largely by local Portland producers, Vursatyl provides a master-class in the art of lyricism with a record which surely cements his reputation as one of the most respected artists in the hip hop community. Conscious lyrics delivered with a sense of fun and a touch of swagger makes this a ‘must check’ record for fans of golden era Hip Hop.
‘Crooked Straights is my conflict. This Gold Chain wearin’, clothes hound, fly guy is "Crooked". He’s also something of a taboo in "conscious Hip Hop". But I also strive to keep things positive, both in mind and word... Thats the "Straights".’
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Materialism has been dead for decades now and recent research only reconfirms this and goes even further, as this video will show. It ends with a brief introduction to the Cosmic Conscious Argument for Gods existence.
Thanks to Johanan Raatz for helping make this video. Check out his channel here:

Translated into "Simplified Chinese" by Alice Zhou.

Opening Quote from "Symmetries and Reflections: Scientific Essays" page 176
The Quantum Enigma
Observation in Quantum Mechanics and the Collapse of the Wavefunction
The God Theory

Music Credits:
Two Steps From Hell -The Truth Unravels

Two Steps From Hell - For the Win

Fired Earth Music - Seeker of the Prophecy

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Covers all the topics, including wave particle duality, Schrodingers cat, EPR / Bell inequality, and the relationship between measurement and entanglement.
West coast and Canada! Yall had it rockin, every night was a party

The Dedication Tour Dates:
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February 17th - San Diego, CA 
February 19th - Las Vegas, NV
February 20th - Los Angeles, CA
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March 1st - New Orleans, LA 
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"@taylorswift13: The 10 Women Who Changed My Life 
@GlamourMagUK" but abigail
King Felix is LIGHTS OUT. Felix Hernandez throws 5-hit shutout, Mariners beat Twins, 2-0. Hernandez improves to 3-0.
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This @norsara_  Happy birthday syg 😍😘💘💚💝💕🎂🍰🎁🎉🎈RT @thefemaleboook: When ur my friend
KATUNews: From Salem PD: “Negotiations are not going well” - “Every time we deploy gas he returns fire” - #LiveOnK2
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RT @KateKendell: Bruce Jenner shocked millions tonight by acknowledging she is...Republican. #almostperfect

Los Angeles / Portland

RT @samsmithworld: Absolutely flawed at how courageous and brave Bruce Jenner is. So inspiring and so powerful. Shame on anyone who dare judge x

Portland OR

RT @nytimes: Bruce Jenner: “For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”

Portland, OR

RT @TheTweetOfGod: Bruce Jenner is the first Kardashian woman I can tolerate.

portland, oregon

RT @teddyruks: Bruce Jenner Gotta Chill Out Lol


RT @JackMatthew: All the love and support to Bruce Jenner?

portland oregon

RT @JackMatthew: All the love and support to Bruce Jenner?


RT @troyesivan: On the verge of tears - what a huge day for Bruce Jenner, the trans* community, and the world. Congratulations all!


RT @chrisgeidner: FYI: For those asking about pronoun usage and Bruce Jenner, here was what @glaad sent out to reporters tonight:

Portland, OR

RT @troyesivan: On the verge of tears - what a huge day for Bruce Jenner, the trans* community, and the world. Congratulations all!





Rajon Rondo has the worst net rating (-34.3) of any player in 2015 playoffs (min. 25 minutes played).


Spurs hold Clippers to their lowest scoring total all season and take a 2-1 lead after their 100-73 win!