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this guy flipped a water bottle for his talent show & it's the greatest thing ever 😂
Yo... 😭😭😭😭
this guy flipped a water bottle for his talent show & it's the greatest thing ever 😂
Bruh Klay so lost
When you just trying to eat your ice cream but trump supporters won't let you live
this guy just flipped a water bottle for his talent show & it's the greatest thing i've ever seen
Vine by Bleacher Report - 🤔🤔🤔
Okay, Zendaya, I see you 🙃😍
LISTEN to some of those pops we just heard caught on camera: #standoff #police @fox12oregon
DBU challenge 😂
This is really every woman ever
We makin moves out here, don't sleep on us 😈 @PSU_VIKINGS #ProudViks
Vine by Bleacher Report - 💯 (via PureHoop)
Vine by Ryan MaiV - When a kid tries to dunk #fail
- Vine by Moleman
More and more officers are coming to the scene
Wiz Khalifa x Lil Uzi soon🔥
Draymond Green first half recap:
Bris Breezy dancing to some Kodak Black.
Vine by Bleacher Report - Curry had no where to run
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Portland: where your memes become reality
55 years ago today, I was arrested in the Jackson, MS bus station for using a "whites-only" restroom. #goodtrouble
SEATTLE We Know This Supposed To Be Our Shine Right Now Smh....... 💯
Banking tips
New Nike uniforms ✔️New Helmets ✔️ New logo ✔️ New facilities ✔️This is a new Era for PSU 🏈#Barnyball #ProudViks
Never EVER tell me representation isnt important as hell #RepresentationMatters
LADIES do NOT buy this! This is for MEN. The peppermint is TOO powerful for our fragile feminine teeth & lady mouths
New logo. New identity. New era for the @PSU_Vikings. Time to party and celebrate! #ProudViks #GoViks
What kind of turtle is this
The moment he got cursed
She sat on my face and broke my neck :/
غرد بصورة دينية و شاركها بحسابك #انقذوا_ضحايا_عجلان_واخوانه #متضرري_مان_ديفان 17we Lg
Met this adorable little guy today. #LiveOnK2 at 5 & 6, how an astute vet saved him from being euthanized.
When you gotta look for her at sephora
a couple that can do both
Sunset reflections
Selena shows her cheeky text messages off 😳 🙌🏼

how she changed her keyboard:       👈
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