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RT @caymuscab: Life is better with a best friend by your side. Winery dog Jack surveys the land with his human #NationalDogDay

Princeton, NJ

RT @glittermagazine: .@LucyHale celebrated #NationalDogDay with a cute pooch and cute #shoes ! #GLITTER NEWS

Princeton, NJ

The latest The Squirrel Gazette Daily! Thanks to @MercerLyricist #nationaldogday #socialmedia

Princeton, NJ

RT @jason_kirschner: Missed National Dog Day yesterday.To make up for this, enjoy my illustration of 17 dogs (& 1 cat.) #NationalDogDay

Near Princeton, NJ

RT @NatGeo: Demand for “cute” bulldogs is weakening the genetics of the breed: #NationalDogDay

Princeton, New Jersey

RT @MDub70Deuce: It's #NationalDogDay! See how @SmartBonesPets are just as safe as they are delicious! 🐶 #ad

Princeton, NJ

RT @pamwattenbarger: Today is #NationalDogDay! Here are 5 tips to keep senior dogs healthy-> @proplan Ad

Princeton, NJ

Happy #NationalDogDay to my favorite 14yo nugget, Kirbs

Princeton, NJ

Some people have dogs. And I'm super jealous of those people. #NationalDogDay #Allergies 😭

Princeton, NJ

Happy #NationalDogDay to all the girls that use that Snapchat filter 🐶

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