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"@cripstianholmes:" it was ight
ā€œ@CommonWhiteGirI: This is the best thing Ive seen all dayā€ @pincheSofia šŸ˜­
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Watershed: Where all the white girls from the westside think their country for a weekend cause they have jean shorts and a cowboy hat


@xXRastahMastaXx we should preform at watershed ?


I'd rather go camping at watershed than go to watershed is that a thing?


Watershed isn't cool


It makes me feel a little better that half of my group/campsite didn't get any either. Let's have our own watershed! ?

Puyallup, Wa

Fuck my nigga Ted, for tickets to watershed


ā€œ@buhrenna: How do you kids have money for watershed?? Half of you don't even have jobs..ā€ Parents


I don't think I've ever been so to my watershed dreams :(



Puyallup WA

OMG watershed OMG!!! I forgot to get tickets OMG!! Thank god I had a million snaps to remind me how gay country music is

Puyallup, Washington