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RT @ESPNCBB: We're 8:02 into the half. West Virginia has yet to make a second-half shot. Kentucky leads, 54-19.

Toronto, Ont.

“@BrittMcHenry: An alley oop more than 30 points up? You cold Kentucky....” ?

Ontario, CA /Anaheim, CA

RT @netw3rk: West Virginia Kentucky is like watching a sailor club a baby seal non-stop for an hour

Alta Loma, CA

RT @FakeSportsCentr: Things are so bad for West Virginia that Kentucky can safely put Drake in #UKvsWVU

Rancho Cucamonga

So yeah, Kentucky is really beating West Virginia by that much...

Rancho Cucamonga

RT @cthagod: This is the era of Reaching. RT @SportsNation: Would Kentucky beat the 72-10 Chicago Bulls?

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Idiotic question, yes they would RT @SportsNation: Would Kentucky beat the 72-10 Chicago Bulls?

Upland, California

RT @BleacherReport: ICYMI: Daxter Miles said WVU would beat Kentucky in the #Sweet16. They’re now losing 40-15

Upland CA

40-15 imagine if the score if Kentucky played hard

Rancho Cucamonga California

Lol way too easy for kentucky. Nobody's beating them



Cheryl Hardcastle wins federal NDP nomination in Windsor-Tecumseh on first ballot.