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@Mike_Bresnahan so are the lakers really ready for DJ? Who else are they now going after?

ÜT: 33.886202,-118.397112

all I ever got to say about Kobe is.......KOBE !!!! LAKERS !!!

Hawthorne, CA

Remember when Dan Gilbert told David Stern, "It would be a travesty to allow the Lakers to acquire Chris Paul." http://t.co/BaVlBPLs6l

Manhattan Beach, CA

Honestly was surprised to hear Kobe a big part of Lakers FA pitch. Is that how the team sells the "future" to established stars?

Manhattan Beach, CA

@michaelsmith Any good news for us lakers fans ? ?

The Dirty, Hawthorne cali

@ArashMarkazi Trade to the Lakers

Carson, Ca

@shake4ndbake same way Lakers used to pay Kobe 27, Pau 22, Bynum 10, etc.

Hermosa Beach

I'm told it's still between the Clippers and Mavs for DeAndre Jordan but Jordan is enjoying free agent process. Meeting with Lakers tonight.

Manhattan Beach, CA

RT @AsherFeltman: LaMarcus Aldridge asked Byron Scott where would fit in the Lakers offense. Kobe jumped in: "under the basket getting rebounds for me"

Hawthorne, Ca

RT @daldridgetnt: The @aldridge_12 camp pushing back hard against LAT story that he's already eliminated the Lakers from consideration: "completely false."

Hermosa Beach, CA


Reports: Paul Pierce will sign with the @LAClippers. http://t.co/kR53Vgytq1
Social Media reporting shouldnt diminish the quality of content #justsayin http://t.co/bpAcJGJW9r


Mitch: Kobe, LaMarcus just called. Hes not signing with us... Kobe: Then Ive done my job. http://t.co/1IpH6HZ9RT
Aldridge: "I understand 100% about your touches, Kobe. Um... Why does this wine taste so funny?" Kobe: "Its blood." http://t.co/ZzHF7UkqMo






THIS JUST IN: Jimmy Butler and the Bulls have agreed upon a 5-year, $90 million deal. (via @WindhorstESPN) http://t.co/PWstDY3NSJ
Were Gettin the Band Back Together