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He stuck the landing. #SCtop10 (via @WFLAPaul)
Vine by Miles The Husky - Contemplating if I really wanna go out tonight. πŸ€” #husky #dogsofvine
Vine by Samuel Grubbs - Freshman trying to get to class on the first day #Naruto
The band is marching in, we're half an hour away from kickoff. #McQueenvsDouglas #NIAA
When the game is more than just a game. Here's to you, Michael Lorenzen
Serial Killer: show me to your house Me: no Serial Killer: we'll show your whole family your twitter Me:
Why is this kinda lit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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$ONOV down 80% from Month Ago. #oversold #buy #goodnews #write #sbux #gmcr
Updatd Pilot Test.GREAT Results for CR-10 after the 8 monitoring. $ONOV Scroll down thepage:
Bleed Blue πŸˆπŸ’™
Everyday is a great day on campus here in Nevada! #Sunny&75 #PackLifestyle
The future of @NevadaCheer!  Love these girls! 😊 @BrianPolian @tj_bruce @EricPMusselman @kimanastassatos #wolfpack
The all whites > πŸ’™πŸ’›
Our Friday Random Act of Kindness!! Cant wait to see what you all come up with and share with us!😊 #cheer4kindess #nevadacheer #nevadawolfpack
Name plates are up! We come from all over #WolfPackNation
First college football game of the year is in the books. Cal takes down Hawaii in Sydney, 51-31.
when u overreacted & the damage has already been done so u just lay there wondering why anyone puts up with u at all
You cant tell me my lipgloss aint popping πŸ‘„
its lit
this is worth the 2 min read
Lunch Choir picnic was a massive success. ❀️
Try these and other amazing canned beers tomorrow at @canfest at the @peppermillreno! 
#RenoTahoe #biggestlittlecity #cannedbeer
You marry a photographer and leaves the baby with him, its only normal you come back to new pictures like this
Gorgeous full house tonight at @greaternvfield @Aces
Fuck trump tour with my Vato
Celebrated Womens Equality Day in Reno with supporters & their daughters, including @DevonReese1 & @chip4congress
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Shout out to Kaepernick for standing up for what he believes

Reno, NV

Colin Kaepernick And The NationalΒ Anthem

Reno, Nevada

RT @tomhoffarth: More power to 49ers' Colin Kaepernick for taking a stand against social injustice via @USATODAY

Reno, NV

RT @dw_photo: .@kaepernick7 If you're not happy here then GTFO. Colin Kaepernick is an idiot.

Reno, NV

RT @timkawakami: If you think Kaepernick's social activism is coming out of the blue, you haven't paid attention. From last December:


RT @cmclymer: If you're angrier at Colin Kaepernick for protesting racism than Donald Trump embodying racism, you are most definitely part of the problem.

University of Nevada, Reno

Kaepernick you're a fucking idiot.

Nevada, USA

RT @Delo_Taylor: I wonder why Colin Kaepernick would protest the National Anthem & proclaim America to be White Supremacist nation?

Reno, NV

Niners QB Kaepernick refuses to stand for anthem in protest

iPhone: 39.518032,-119.813146

This is honestly the best thing Colin Kaepernick has done throughout his NFL career.





Tahoe show 😎😎😎
The all whites > πŸ’™πŸ’›




$ONOV down 80% from Month Ago. #oversold #buy #goodnews #write #sbux #gmcr


$ONOV down 80% from Month Ago. #oversold #buy #goodnews #write #sbux #gmcr


$ONOV down 80% from Month Ago. #oversold #buy #goodnews #write #sbux #gmcr


$ONOV down 80% from Month Ago. #oversold #buy #goodnews #write #sbux #gmcr