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RT @LILBTHEBASEDGOD: RT @espn Lil B to blame for Rockets loss? The rapper wants harden to pay homage over dance


maxo is gon die a houston legend. so is James Harden.

Rialto, CA

Austin Rivers stole cooking from @LILBTHEBASEDGOD James Harden needs to come forth and say he's based cooking

Rialto, California

RT @espn: Lil B to blame for Rockets loss? The rapper vows to put a curse on Harden over cooking dance:…

Fontana, CA.

Harden needed that Kobe mentality on that last play... #nbaplayoffs #kobe #jamesharden

Rialto, CA

RT @LILBTHEBASEDGOD: "THE BASEDGOD" speaks... He told Lil B James harden is not cursed but he has been warned and questioned .. Lil B cooking dance? TOPO - Lil B

Rialto, California

RT @TheCauldron: James Harden knocking over curtains back there

Rialto, California

Lmao Harden is mad af ?


RT @BR_NBA: .@LILBTHEBASEDGOD says Harden’s wrist move is really his cooking dance, threatens to curse him

Rialto, California


???????????????????????????????? RT @KanyeDoingStuff: Kanye asking Kobe questions ????????