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Great times in #Oakland with some awesome friends


RT @MsSandyBottoms: 2) even if a landlord refuses to evict tenants the city can step in and do it for them (with no court oversight). #oakland

Berkeley, California, USA

RT @MsSandyBottoms: The #Oakland City Council enacted an ordinance opening a strategic path to ousting sex workers (& those profiled as such) from their homes.

Berkeley, California, USA

RT @MsSandyBottoms: There are four alarming notables: 1) sex workers do not need to be engaging in sex work on the property to be evicted. #oakland

Berkeley, California, USA

excited for @LaurelBookStore. excited for #oakland

berkeley/oakland bordertown

RT @OpenDisclosureO: Which #Oakland mayoral candidate raised the most money in your zip code? Find out here:

Berkeley, CA

Order online from your farmers market right now #berkeley #oakland #nomnom @Instacart

Berkeley, California

RT @Tyska: Really far out #solareclipse picture I just shot with my phone in #Oakland! May be better than the real camera!


RT @Oakland: In case you missed it, #Oakland moves Coliseum City negotiations forward with new lead investor:

Berkeley, CA


RT @AntDeRosa: Deputy Chief of Staff for Ted Cruz tweeted and deleted this:




Damian Lillards Entrance On Conan OBrien - cjzeros post on Vine