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Vine by @StoolMilmore - Barstool Sports - It was a good run
Ref wanted no part of KD.. 😂
First it was “F**k Steph Curry”…now this
Central students planned and carried out this action on their own, they asked us to come & amplify #SpeakUpCentral
haters gonna say it's edited
Vine by djsteveporter - #Durant concedes MVP to #chefcurry #game7
*Blesses your timeline* #BONINOBONINOBONINO @IceSinghHNIC @RandipJanda @HarpPandher @BhupinderHundal
Taylor J - Heaven Like
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LMAOOOOOO @KDTrey5 @russwest44
Could all my followers do me a favor and checkout my new video "Heaven Like"
Vine by House of Highlights (Official) - Oof (via tmsgolfer/Instagram)
This on duty officer just flicked off a group of highschoolers. Protect and serve who? #SpeakUpCentral
Spread my new video "Heaven Like"
Taylor J - Heaven Like
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my dog: *falls asleep* me:
RT to win an authentic @BrianDozier game worn jersey!

June 11th adult jersey giveaway >>
I kicked over my lil neighbors bike and he said he was going to purge me
When you getting fouled but you know the officials not gone do nothing about it
Pdt/CEO of $ONOV meeting with the Commercial Manager of CoopeTarrazu, one of the biggest cooperatives in #CostaRica
All smiles today at the #mnleg GOP mass filing event. #mngop
I dont care how old I get... grilled cheese will always be the bomb
Sparks flying #mahafamily #fixitintheremodel rebar for foundation in pit is happening
Students have marched all the way to st.paul city hall, 3 miles in the rain #speakupcentral
Una espiral mortal, la manera más ilustrativa y alarmante de mostrar cómo cambia el clima
me as a mom 😂
When u say 5 more mins but wake up 5 hours later
OMG! You can see ANYONES Twitter DMs, Snapchats, Photos, and Texts on this site!! 👇👇
Turn it upside down.. don’t always believe people who say ‘I’m fine’
Since Anderson Varejao also played for Cavs earlier in season, he will get a ring regardless of #NBAFinals winner.
YOU can make a BIG difference for SMALL business @HAMMSevent #dogfriendly #crowdfunding
VIDEO: Giant gator roams Florida golf course
everyone go get that new @TaylorJTakeover on apple music right now! 🍎
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Decreasing number of women in the #mnleg Senate will be a factor in future session negotiations. Doug Grow @MinnPost

St. Paul, MN

RT @RepMaryFranson: “This task force is an important step toward solving our state's #childcare access issues,” #mnleg

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Disheartening that #mnleg members see "do nothing" as less politically dangerous than "lit bait" do something session. @MinnPost

St. Paul, MN

Minn. mental health system gets $48 million in new funding, defying national trend TY #mnleg!!

St Paul, MN

RT @AndrewMinck: What got done at #mnleg. @bbierschbach discusses drug sentence reform, body cameras, and possible a stadium. #minnpostsocial

St. Paul, MN

Major drug sentencing reform mentioned by @bbierschbach as one of the things that did get done in #mnleg year. @sarahwalkerMN

St. Paul, MN

.@minnpost Doug Grow addressing #mnleg historical context... back to the revolutionary war. "We've always been a little screwed up."

St. Paul, MN

RT @RandyFor42A: I'm honored for the opportunity to run for the #MNLEG and represent district 42A! #ReadyToRun

Saint Paul, MN

RT @vmcooney: Sen. Sean Nienow (R) files for election a quarter hour before the deadline to do so #mnleg

Saint Paul, Minnesota

RT @RachelSB: Dayton vetoed pension bill and signed but line itemed some stuff out of LCCMR bill #mnleg

Saint Paul, MN
Students have marched all the way to st.paul city hall, 3 miles in the rain #speakupcentral
This sheriff just said "fuck Jamar Clark" and then yelled at me for taking his picture #Speakupcentral
The meeting between @CentralPASU & @mayorcoleman just ended #speakupcentral
These magnificent central students are currently giving their mayor a list of demands #speakupcentral


King Boreas hard at work on projects for @StPaulWinter! #stpaul #wintercarnival
The meeting between @CentralPASU & @mayorcoleman just ended #speakupcentral
. @mayorcoleman has been made to af ree to two additional meetings with (Central) students #SpeakUpCentral
I dont care how old I get... grilled cheese will always be the bomb
"wanna hangout this summer??" "I cant wait to see you!" "When are you free?" Me:
me as a mom ????