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Taylor J - Zero - 100 Freestyle
Bercules's post on Vine - Bat Tricks Part 4 #BaseballSwag #BaseballVines - Bercules's post on Vine
Danny Gonzalez's post on Vine - I've always wanted to do this #BlueSkidoo #BluesClues - Danny Gonzalez's post on Vine
Tish Simmonds's post on Vine - Am in my mum car - Tish Simmonds's post on Vine
Sifu Hotman (Guante x deM atlaS x Rube): "MATCHES"
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Single game tickets for @vikings on sale at 9am. Heres the line. This is it.
Hit the club want you you you...@Coll_Crowley
Opportunity knocks let it in #goodmorning
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Rep Dingell wins the Internet today RT @john_dingell: Staff has now informed me of what a Kardashian is. I'm only left with more questions.

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