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When being cheap on your girls birthday backfires 😂
Arrest scene at #PhilandoCastile protest as police were leaving area.
#PhilandoCastile protesters trying to turn back traffic at Oxford.
Line of officers pushing people back to Oxford #PhilandoCastile #GovMansion
Arresting #PhilandoCastile protesters.
Boisterous crowd at Summit and Oxford. Hard to tell what'sll happen here.
"Identity Crisis," by Michael Murphy.
Minnesota's roll call vote featuring @amyklobuchar & @keithellison! #DemsInPhilly #DemConvention
MY CITY SO TALENTED He murdered a snare drum solo to Desiigner's Timmy Turner When he uses 1 stick! #DCornothing
A gift for you. Album tasters from For All We Know Trophy feat. A. K. Paul 💚💙
Why am I crying lmfaoooo RT @SupremeNelson: relationship goals
In front of Governor's Residence now. Some officers in street. More down block + buses lined up in event of arrests.
The speech that almost didn't happen
Outside Governor's Residence now.
Tensions begin to rise. One officer just used pepper spray to move protestors back.
Watch Now!! Taylor J - Heaven Like
Line of police and protesters at Oxford and Summit.
Police are now calling it "an unlawful assembly" + saying everyone still in front of mansion will be arrested:
when ur girl loves to brag about u 😍
Four officers took down one man who refused to leave:
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Please Meet The Russian Version of Kim Kardashian.
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RT @colocha_rachel: #GovMansion #PhilandoCastile This sounds like some STL shit.

Saint Paul, Minnesota

RT @colocha_rachel: #GovMansion #PhilandoCastile This sounds like some STL shit.

Saint Paul, MN

RT @BlackLivesMpls: say that #PhilandoCastile

St. Paul

RT @BlackLivesMpls: We'll be back. #GovMansion #PhilandoCastile

St. Paul


St. Paul

RT @nharpermn: While at the same time, protesters for #PhilandoCastile get arrested for being outside @GovMarkDayton manson.

St. Paul

ill livestream more when something happens, ill keep ya updated. #PhilandoCastile

St Paul, MN

Officers make a line across Summit at Oxford. A few protesters facing, taunting. #PhilandoCastile

St. Paul, Minnesota

While at the same time, protesters for #PhilandoCastile get arrested for being outside @GovMarkDayton manson.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

RT @AfrixaAF: Right before and after we got hit with mace #GovMansion #PhilandoCastile

Saint Paul, MN


We have a nominee! #ImWithHer #ShesWithUs #DemsInPhilly