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my sexy surprise to you 😘😚 👈
Me every morning
Pamela Geller 2011 investigation by sicker57s channel

The 2007 Email from Norway as it reads today

The Email as it originally appeared

Gellers explanation for removing the line

Geller calls Utoya "Antisemetic Indoctrination Camp"

Several articles that reported the edit she made


Anders Breiviks Manifesto

Breivik was a fan of Geller


Atlas Shrugs is a certified hate group

Pamela Geller: The looniest blogger ever
Photos: A look back at a St. Paul landmark set to be demolished next month:
Apparently distracted driver hits 5 people on Grand Avenue sidewalk.
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Dayton' negative assessment of talks contrast sharply with earlier comments from Speaker Daudt, who claimed progress.


Dayton says he's "at a loss" about House GOP unwillingness to spend more on schools.


Dayton suggests GOP is also seeking transgender provision in education bill.


Gov Dayton says he'll drop pre-k demand, but GOP insists on lower $ and LIFO addition. He says day was step backwards.


"We went backwards this morning," Dayton says. #mnleg

Minneapolis, MN








my sexy surprise to you ???????? ????
Me every morning
Disneys original movie posters ????????????
Pizza topped with pizza. We have officially peaked as a species
when people you havent spoken to in a long time suddenly texts you to restart your iPhone