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Another mystery solved by LLPD.  Here is why the @nytimes  said grape salad is a Minnesota Dish #grapegate
What do you think, should we swap out the cherry for a traditional Minnesotan grape? #embracethegrape #grapegate
Look out #TwinCities. Its #CardboardHarMar and Im touring the town today. Hope youll follow along. #lowertownline
wed hookup btwn takes lol
Going to Punch tonight? Dont forget a bag of food for @2harvest and a free pizza!
Ask me how glad I am I moved. "@MaherNotMayer If you dont like Buffalo, well, theres the door." @ScottFilmCritic
RT to enter for a chance to win 1:3 @mophie powerstations from @Verizon MOA! #VZTechHoliday (11.20-11.23.14 noon CST)
#tbt to 1937. The first calf in the country was conceived through artifical insemination born at #UMN.
#TBT: RT for a chance to win #mnwild star @t_vanek26s #USHL bobblehead
Have you heard?! Alice gave birth to a beautiful baby Boy! #ComoZoo #Gorilla
Help raise awareness for mens prostate cancer as our boys are participating in #Movember again this year. Weve already raised $2,000 but the goal is $5,000!!! Help us get there!
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RT @DeRushaEats: A fairly quick about-grape by the New York Times. #grapegate #grapology cc @esmemurphy @MNBornHeiress

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

That's not grape salad. RT @SplendidTable: And then, there's the Classic Green Bean Casserole.

Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN

RT @ABLeathers: Thank you @MPR for rebuttal to @nytimes. Never heard of "grape salad" before. #grapegate #Minnesota #Thanksgiving

St. Paul, MN

"Bizarrely wrong," says NYT on MN grape salad. “@DeRushaEats: A quick about-grape by @nytimes #grapegate #grapology"

Minneapolis/St. Paul
Another mystery solved by LLPD. Here is why the @nytimes said grape salad is a Minnesota Dish #grapegate


#TBT: RT for a chance to win #mnwild star @t_vanek26s #USHL bobblehead