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Relationship goals 😍
Once a wildcat, always a wildcat!Cant believe its been 6 years since I graduated from east high lol #HSM3memories
RT @thacondition: LMFAOOO RT @AmericanDadTBS Happy Birthday @Drake! Trust @NICKIMINAJ: your #anaconda dont want none. #AmericanDad
When Timmy Turner said "Giant snake, birthday cake; large fries, chocolate shake."
This is not a game. We are being watched and targeted. #Ferguson
That moment when @ShaunKing makes a very good point. #MikeBrown #Ferguson
SPONGEBOBs NEW ALBUM Good kid KrAAb city RT if you gonna cop it
The Queen matched her First Tweet outfit to the colour of the twitterbird. NEEEERD #queenwatch
rt if this flew around your room
Christmas in New York plz
Dominos you the real MVP
Kansas City wins Game 3! Royals take early lead and never let go, beat Giants, 3-2. KC leads World Series, 2-1.
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RT @JASVPUMP: #Ferguson @occupySLU #ARRESTDARENWILSON CORRUPTED GRAND JURY "The whole world is watching this wretched perversion.."

St. Louis, MO

Schools prepare to close after grand jury decision #Ferguson

Saint Louis, MO

RT @argusnewsnow: Memorial site for #VonderrickMyers #Shaw #ShawShooting #Ferguson #ASN (@cgagneasn)

St Louis, MO

If any mainstream local journalists/reporters read this & want to tell the truth about what happens in #Ferguson & #Shaw, let me know.

Saint Louis, MO

RT @TelaCat: RT it. PLEASE BLITZ. World needs to see #Ferguson #ShawShooting. Blocked traffic & kid asked to get thru. Assaulted

St Louis

RT @RumpoleRT: .@FroggieLeggs_ has a YT ❤ #Ferguson "peaceful" protesters attack young white man 10/24/14


RT @RepublicanWife1: Hey Read this article #Ferguson if you can stand the #TRUTH

St Louis

RT @lostsoullives: What the Hell !! Looks like someone is being all out Racist ! #Ferguson

St Louis

RT @Glitch13013: @FoxNews @megynkelly @DRUDGE_REPORT @vnn_forum @JoeTWV #Ferguson not so peaceful protest last nite


“@GandhiLaws: Blind obedience to authority warrants devastating massacre in war.” #Ferguson

Saint Louis


RT @MLBONFOX: The @Royals take the #WorldSeries lead! FINAL: the Royals defeat the #SFGiants 3-2 to take the 2-1 series lead.


RT @LEOHeroesAlert: Investigators Michael Davis Jr. and Sr. both killed in the line-of-duty 26 years apart on the same exact date: 10/24


RT @SportsCenter: Marcus Mariota throws 5 TD and becomes Ducks all-time leading passer as No. 6 Oregon beats Cal, 59-41.








RT @Nettaaaaaaaa: Not "Thug"? RT @rustymk2: White kid shoots up the school, they make SURE you know he was a ‘homecoming prince’.