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Brock Seals "10-4"
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USA: Watch as protesters storm St Louis City Hall over Ferguson verdict
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The streets of #London an hour ago. Thousands joined a demonstration at the heart of LDN in solidarity with #Ferguson
A mural in STL & New Yorker cover show need/hope for cooperation & healing, and the real divide:
Seattle mayor Ed Murray marched with his citys #Ferguson protesters (Photo: Corbis)
St. Louis. United we stand. Divided we fall. This is the choice. 

photos via @NewYorker @LBPhoto1 @StLouisAmerican
What do you think of The @NewYorkers #Ferguson/#STL cover?
Ferguson protestors be like
@Tink_Therapy A protest that was started by Young Women of Howard University reached 11,000 last night. @WIR_GLOBAL
This IS Ferguson. The Media wont show you because it doesnt make them money. #FergusonProud
#Ferguson residents volunteer to paint boarded up buildings. At night. In the snow.
According to Darren Wilson this is what happened. No reason not to believe him. #FergusonDecision #Ferguson #tcot
Join us in wishing a Happy 29th Birthday to #STLCards 3rd baseman @MattCarp13!
#Students in #Memphis lie face down at school to protest #MikeBrown verdict. What a statement! #FergusonDecision
The New Yorker has an amazing cover illustrating the STL racial divide by one time St. Louisan Bob Staake:
heres your "if the roles were reversed it wouldnt be that big of a deal bc the victim is white!!" so shut up
#Women continue 2be victims of violence worldwide.Protester shot in eye This is not #Egypt in 2011,this is #Ferguson
Protestors hold hands in silence.  Erie quiet in heart of downtown St. Louis.
RIP Prius. survived multiple hurricanes, tornadoes, countless breaking news stories. But did not survive #ferguson
The New Yorker Cover for next week. #Ferguson
Number 700! Rick Pitino becomes 6th active coach with 700 career wins after Louisville beats Cleveland State, 45-33.
Im judging whoever doesnt rt this
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RT @natmusumeci: Protestors chanting "hands up, don't shoot!" at the #stoptheparade march @nypmetro

saint louis, missouri

RT @KeeganNYC: Civil Disobedience is a far greater American Tradition than the #MacysParade. #StoptheParade @PeoplesHistory.

saint louis, missouri

RT @LegallyADiva: And when ppl complain RT @Dreamdefenders: The uprising continues. #stoptheparade #ShutItDown

saint louis, missouri

RT @RevDebra: “@Peter_Bowden: Video of police making arrest at #MacysParade BlackLivesMatter #stoptheparade” brilliant organizing

St. Louis

RT @jelani9: The #stoptheparade protests disrupt event sponsored by dept store with history of racial profiling:

St. Louis

RT @jalenwebb24: NOW IN NYC: NYPD requesting backup for a large group of #StopTheParade protesters on 45 St towards 5 Ave #MacysParade

St. Louis

RT @Spect8rMagazine: (Est.)There's 8.5M NY Residents. Only 50k are police! Thats 1 P/O to every 170 PPL #ShutItDownNYC #Stoptheparade ! ✊

saint louis, missouri

RT @ConstantlyFrank: #stoptheparade and #BoycottBlackFriday . interrupt the lives of the comfortable. Make them pay attention.

St. Louis

RT @jelani9: Worth recalling that Macy's, the parade sponsor, paid $650k to settle a racial profiling probe #stoptheparade

The Treehouse of Horror, STL

RT @GeekNStereo: RT @AmandaMichelle: if you’re in #NYC, they need more bodies for the #stoptheparade action! go to NYPL at 41st & 5th

St. Louis, Mo