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65 ¡¡¡Goooool de Omar Bravo a segundo poste!!! Xolos 1-1 Chivas. #JuntosVsTodo
Afición, ¡gracias por acompañarnos en este partido! Seguimos sumando y ahora vamos #JuntosVsTodo por la Copa MX.
If at first you dont succeed try try again. Salinas with another win 6-4
Descansen líderes! Se terminó la jornada 14 del futbol mexicano. El martes a levantar la Copa!!!!
This video went viral last week, a 19 year old girl cannot prove she is an American citizen.  This is making her life difficult as she cannot get a drivers license and other things the oligarchy requires of their slaves.

Truth is that no one, even if you have a birth certificate, can prove citizenship.  Ive been talking about this since the late 90s, and wrote about it in Adventures in Legal Land.
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