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Vine by based hamdi - why
Vine by Chest-Bump - When I run into my EX in public.
Vine by Crowdmix - When everyone approves your music taste 😂😂😂 #cm15 #music #taylorswift
Basketball Insanity™'s post on Vine - Vine by Basketball Insanity - Kawhi Leonard filthy putback dunk off Patty Mills miss. Spurs take commanding 3-1 lead in the #nbafinals #BasketballInsanity
Vine by Tobz - PART 2-What girls do when the camera is on them at edm festivals 🎶🎵👾 Ilovesickdrops, EastCoastRavers, WestCoastRavers™ #FestivalSeason
Vine by GenoInTheGym™ |VET| - When you taking a dump then your shit come on 💩🎶 YouFunnyB
Vine by Jamiah Malik - SAM SMITH #samsmith #6secondcover
Vine by Vines - classic FIFA
Vine by Die Rude - Voiceover Fanatic - Ariels dad has no chill when it comes to Ariel dating outside of ethnic. 😤#pt2 #voiceover
Vine by BigCatDerek - Zuberi and Araali are MESMERIZED by Dora the Explorer!!! #lioncubs #beebees
Vine by 101 Great Goals - Iran goalie Alireza Beiranvand's monster throw for Naft Tehran
Vine by Saipancakes - Frozen pancake
Vine by Greg Baskwell - Typical Weeknight 🍝📚📺💤
Vine by Baby Goats - SO CUTE 😍😍😍 #animals #animalsofvine #babygoat #cuteanimals #goat #likeforlike #revineThis #revine #likeforfollow #likeforlike
SplashTRICKIN's post on Vine - Vine by iStay_Trickin - How I react when there are gun shots in a song! #Turnt #TurnUp #bangbang
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lmaooooo. wtf is this? RT @BattlesNBA: Lmaoo
Lil B strikes again...
How I Shouldve Did... Nvm
Lil B to blame for Rockets loss? The rapper vows to put a curse on Harden over cooking dance:
@Rodrigo_Avila88 @mariobautista_ Mario esto es cierto ¿?
Confirma porfa😭🙏 
Lifes all about being comfortable with yourself, & not caring what people think. So heres a photo picking my...
If youre having a bad day, enjoy 😍😍😭
HELP MY BROTHAS OUT @orion_welch @ChuckKendley
This Dude Tyrone Has No Chill😂😭
No chill 😂😂😂” peanut & jealous 👐👐👐” no
He had the best seat in the house tonight.
The Oakland Raiders might relocate to...Texas? (via @RapSheet):
Game. Over.
I hope to create something that means as much to you as this song means to me. Music is a beautiful beautiful thing X
10 Harlandale students facing criminal charges in food fight #KSATnews
The Cowboys face their bitter rival, the Eagles, in a matchup with a lot of bad blood!

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Make sure to support #FranchiseNation and help us keep franchise mode alive in sports gaming! 

What is #FranchiseNation you may ask? #FranchiseNation is the never ending battle to ensure Franchise mode never disappears, and that one day it can reclaim its spot as the most played game mode in sports video games. We are fighting for realism, by providing the best sports videos possible of our Multi-Year Madden, MLB, and NBA Franchise Modes. We will not let the best thing to happen to sports video games die out because of fantasy modes like MUT, MyTeam and Diamond Dynasty. We may play them, but our focus will always be our pursuit of championships in our respective, and unique franchises.



What is my NBA 2K15 San Antonio Spurs MyGM series about?

Welcome to my NBA 2K15 San Antonio Spurs MyGM series! This MyGM is built around rebuilding the Spurs after the retirements of Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. What makes this series different from all the others is how it is presented; I commentate the games from a radio play-by-play perspective in addition to occasional highlight tapes similar to something youd see on ESPN or I hope you enjoy this 2K15 MyGM (MyLEAGUE) series, you wont be disappointed!

My plan for rebuilding the San Antonio Spurs in NBA 2K15 revolves around building a younger and more athletic roster that can compete with the elite teams in the NBA. Luckily, we have a young building block in Kawhi Leonard who we hope to groom into the next NBA superstar.

What is my Madden 15 Dallas Cowboys Connected Franchise about?

Welcome to my Madden 15 Dallas Cowboys Connected Franchise! This series is based around transforming the perennial 8-8 Dallas Cowboys into a Super Bowl contender and retuning them back into an NFL powerhouse. Players such as Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray and newly drafted QB Bradford Hall will endure many ups and downs as the Cowboys journey back to glory progresses.

This series is different than many you will watch since the games will be broadcasted from a radio play-by-play perspective. In addition, there will be shorter ESPN NFL Primetime-type highlight tapes that provide you with an abbreviated synopsis of the games. I hope you enjoy your stay, you wont regret it!

What is my MLB 15 The Show Marlins Franchise about?

My MLB 15 Marlins Franchise will be based around documenting the events and progressions of the Miami Marlins as they continue their quest of becoming World Series Champions. Players like Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, Dee Gordon and Jose Fernandez will be the backbone of an organization that is attempting to turn the corner and progress from pretenders to contenders. 

IMPORTANT: I do not own any of the music contained in this video nor do I claim it as my own. 

Who is Aaerios? Aaerios (yes, Im speaking in 3rd person) is a sports commentator who has over 4 years of experience making videos on YouTube. He decided to convert to sports content full-time after dabbling with Lets Plays and conventional commentaries for 3 years on a malady of different channels. The once self-proclaimed "Mother Theresa of YouTube" now specializes in play-by-play and highlight-based videos intended to provide the viewer with a different vantage point of sports videos. He really loves his viewers but loves chocolate milk even more.
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Accident in #SanAntonio on I-35 Lower Level SB at San Pedro, stop and go traffic back to I-35, delay of 2 mins #traffic

San Antonio, TX

Are the low oil prices in #SanAntonio really affecting the real estate market? Experts are tuning in. Check out...

San Antonio

Testing at the #SanAntonio Mission, had another passerby admire the @chevy Colorado #TexasForever #fmn15

New York, NY

#SanAntonio, TX #Healthcare #Job: OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST (OT) needed for Per... at

Boca Raton, Florida

Make sure to like our #Facebook page #SanAntonio

San Antonio, TX

Central Texas News: Obama: Iran nuclear deal 'will have my name on it' #SanAntonio

San Antonio

1255 Jobs available in #SanAntonio. Apply now and land the job of your dreams

San Antonio, TX

#gigs4u #gigs Residential Outside Sales Consultant – San Antonio, TX #SA #sanantonio #TX

San Antonio, TX

Central Texas News: Demilitarizing the cops: States retool police training #SanAntonio

San Antonio

6 days in a row at number 1 in #sanantonio for #rnb #indie #indiepop #indiemusic #music #rnb

San Antonio, TX


Philadelphia fans, heres your 1st look at DeMarco Murray in his new digs. Cowboys fans, look away! (via @Eagles)




"10 things all high schoolers should know"
"your grades are a representation of who you are"