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Done. #TLOP
.... awwwwww...
free bootcamp for clothing/hygiene donations for the homeless.  join us next sat @sweat athletics - @jsmithfit
in the bathroom and i see this. two types of people and im obviously the second one
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RT @Reuters: BREAKING: President Obama intends to nominate successor for Scalia on Supreme Court: @CNN

San Bernardino, CA

RT @latimes: Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Antonin Scalia: An example of friendship across the political aisle

San Bernardino, CA

RT @amazingatheist: Scalia died, so everyone pretend he wasn't a scumbag.

Monrovia/San Bernardino

RT @rgay: As for Scalia, I will not dance on his grave but neither will I mourn. He was hateful and his rulings were damaging to so many.

San Bernardino, CA

RT @jonlovett: Scalia was of course a strict constitutionalist who revered the "no nominees by democrats in the last year" clause.

San Bernardino, CA

RT @FoxNews: Breaking News: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died at age 79.

San Bernardino, CA

Requiescat in pace, Justice Antonin Scalia. Reading your opinions was a true and rare pleasure in an otherwise dreary realm.

Riverside, CA

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the first Italian-American to sit on the highest court, dead at 79

San Bernardino, CA

RT @nickconfessore: Must-read: The great @adamliptak on Scalia's passing and what it will mean.

San Bernardino, California

RT @politico: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79 | AP Photo

San Bernardino, California