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Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer (OFFICIAL)
Equipto, Curt Sak, Ike P, Aukwin, Shag Nasty, Baldhead Rick - Yes Yes Yes (SF Giants Anthem) [Thizzl
"Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor
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COME BACK - City Slikka + Polo Ness
The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #airnzhobbit
Vimeo - Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by
Globe and Mail footage captures shooting in Parliament building
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Vimeo - PhotoMath
YungDooDooDaddy's post on Vine - LEBRON JAMES - DARius's post on Vine
Tiga - “Bugatti” (Official Video)
Follow Coworkers on Yammer
Dartmouth Homecoming 2014
Lisa Neimeth Ceramics - Featured Maker - Makers Market
Justin Bieber's post on Vine - My dangles were unreal.. did u see that shot? I'm number 20. #dangles #20 #iceicebaby #uthoughtthiswasagame #imadethatpuckmybitch - Justin Bieber's post on Vine
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RT @CreeClayton: From @scottbix on Twitter: "U.S. cable news vs. Canadian public news"
Please RT to raise awareness of the plight of cats trapped in a folk music environment
Australian cities would have similar footprint to Atlanta RT @bruce_katz
On Sunday, we asked a very handsome guard for a picture with my friend visiting from Cali - RIP Nathan Cirillo
Worst graphic ever? 1) Its two planes to London. 2) Thats not even London. 3) Just look at the UK. #NFL
Ever miss the good old days of web dev? 

Get excited guys. The true spirit of Internet Explorer LIVES ON!
RT @RyanWitkowski: Where you at @ConradMcGorkin? RT @BHIndepMO: someone gonna photoshop a Tarantula on Pences face soon?
Come to VLC Media Player in next 15 mins if u want an ass kicking
Dont let media define the way you see things.
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RT @boudinbakery: Orange October never tasted better. Stock up at 160 Jefferson St. while supplies last. @SFGiants #SFGiants

San Francisco

RT @SFGiantsFans: The #SFGiants win one in KC and now have 3 straight games at home at AT&T Park! We're in the driver seat! #Royals

San Francisco , CA

RT @sfguk: #SFGiants Don't stop b3lieving

San Francisco


RT @AlexPavlovic: Timmy on this moment (via @JeffPassan): "I forgot it was the 7th. I was like, guess Ill hang out with these guys."
Good times... "@SonsofJohnnieLe: Timmy being Timmy ..."
RT @WheenRapperSaid: When Timmy Turner said... "Giant snake, birthday cake; large fries, chocolate shake."
imgur: the simple image sharer


RT @darth: “was ready last inning but that’s really none of my business"
RT @SportsCenter: Kansas City takes Game 2! Royals ride 5-run 6th inning to victory over Giants to tie World Series at 1-1.


RT @SFGiants: #SFGiants lose Game 2, but come home with a split #MissionAccomplished See you Friday (Via @jearseyeview)