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When they say "The camera adds 10 pounds" they're not kidding. Here's the effect with different camera lenses:
DNC roll call underway; @BernieSanders tears up as his brother says his parents would be proud of his campaign
I don't know what the hell is going on but Ive been laughing at this for hours
Arizona's 102-year-old delegate, older than women's right to vote, cast votes for @HillaryClinton #DemsInPhilly
i miss music like this
Bernie: "vote for Hillary" Me:
Vine by Bleacher Report - KD 😂
not to be overdramatic but this is the greatest 2 minutes and 20 seconds of my entire life
Damn @god you really out did yourself on this day 👽✨💕
Vine by Belle & Nate Villegas - "ah.....................choo" #slomo #slowmotion #sneeze #dogs #pets
"Identity Crisis," by Michael Murphy.
Vine by Patrick Dempsey Edits - PATRICK DANCING TODAY 😂😍
Ball is life 🏀
Vine by Bleacher Report - DeMar. Bro.
New teammates 🏀 #DubNation
Vine by @World_Wide_Wob - If DeMar DeRozan finishes this, it is arguably the best poster dunk of all-time 😳
7th career HR for Matt Cain, his first of the season and first since 2012. #SFGiants lead 4-0 in the 2nd 💪
Vine by CNN Politics - Bernie Sanders tears up when his brother casts his vote for him #news #politics #cnn
A win is a win. #SFGiants
What it looks like when the #DemsInPhilly announce the first female presidential nominee in history #happytears
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47 years ago I submitted my travel voucher reimbursement for my trip to the moon. #Apollo11
* @mcuban is turning Trump-trolling into high art:
Averigua ahora quien ha visitado tu perfil de Twitter en las últimas 24 aquí:
We crunched key data to find the best hospitals across the US for joint replacement surgery
In 1995 Walmart pulled "Someday a woman will be president" T-shirt from shelves, saying it offended "family values."
Fusion did the numbers:

RNC had 18 black delegates.
DNC has 1,182 black delegates.
Report: San Franciscans smoke the most weed in the country.
My grandmother in Maryland asked me to share this. She was born during the Woodrow Wilson administration. #ImWithHer
never forget the power of the people
"The greatest products of the next 25 years havent been invented yet. You are not too late"
Ok Daddy,,, Ill Do Whatever you want.. ,Just Make Me  List & promise youll 
respect me in the morning
.@mcuban trolling Trump real hard. And brilliantly.
This girl wanted to be an astronaut; NASA told her they didnt accept girls. Tonight we nominate her for President.
📸 @ayeshacurry & @StephenCurry30 courtside to support the @USABasketball #USABMNT!
#Meteorite #Pendant Meteorites #Dainty #Necklace i love you to the moon and back JabberDuck
This is an actual sentence on the "Issues" page of Trumps website. It literally looks like a 3rd grade book report.
Free #Uber ride is a great way to get started using Uber taxis. Use promo code jimv121
Here, Trump took three positions on the federal minimum wage in two sentences on OReilly:
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RT @ObiWanKevobi: Where was pokemon go during the school year? I could've hatched so many eggs walking to school every day 😭

San Francisco,CA

RT @ProductHunt: Pokemon Go had a good run at #1 👏

San Francisco, CA

Pokévision and Esri Speed Pokémon Go Hunting

San Francisco, CA

RT @wtvox: You’ll have to wait another month for Nintendo’s Pokémon Go Plus wearable #Wearables #IoT

San Francisco, CA

Nintendo delays Pokemon GO Plus until September: Despite all of the excitement surrounding today's gamers no...

San Francisco

RT @ChiaLynn: Scooped up a June Bug inside the library and released it in the grass outside. It's like reverse Pokemon.

San Francisco

Pokemon Go's 'Plus' accessory has been delayed until September

San Francisco, CA

Apple CEO Cook Raves About Pokémon Go, Says Company 'High' on Augmented Reality #sales #tips

San Francisco, CA

RT @aahelton: Pokémon GO: 6 Easy Digital Marketing Ideas #twcbcemp

San Francisco, CA

Pokemon Rangers Unisex T-Shirt

San Francisco, CA