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You’d perhaps assume that an otter would eat like a cat or dog? THINK AGAIN
Kanye West music video for famous is wild 😳
who made this i cant even believe-
Black People So Fucking Scary 😂😂😂😂
When your friends crib got a funny smell
RBI 😇 #Salute
Cornel West abstains from supporting the platform out of basic morals. Very powerful speech. #DemPlatform
Win 👏 + Prince 🎶 + Fireworks 🎇 = 👌 Friday Night #SFGiants
When the squad beats level 10 in Color Strikez
🎆 #BOOM #SFGiants
BELT DOUBLES, clears the bases. 4-2 #SFGiants
No studio vocals...this gave me goosebumps
#SFGiants win! #LoveWins! #LGBTNight #Pride2016
21 games over .500
When your about to get past level 50 on COLOR STRIKEZ but your girl makes you lose 😂😂😂
When you pass level 15 in Color Strikez 😍
Watch this guy play Techno with just pots, pans, and buckets. This is talent
When you thank the Lord for finally letting you get past level 30 on "Like Challenge" app 😍😂
When you hit level 25 in Color Strikez 😂😂😂😂
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@Charles_Lew Content Mkting: 318 cos, $38B invested, 113k people. Stay on top of it!
@RussHogarth The easiest way to track Fintech industry
.@SFGiants are 31-9 in last 40 games – their best 40-game span since going 33-7 in 1954 ... as the NEW YORK Giants.
@SmartmeAnalytic eCommerce: 144 cos, $20B invested, 72k+ people. Stay on top of it!
Scotland are the heroes of the UK 😂
Scotland has the best swears of all time
whoa things are deteriorating quickly across the pond
@TheGOPReport The 305 companies that matter in Inside Sales. Get the Landscape here:
The #SFGiants have won 31 of their last 40 games, the most wins in a 40-game span since 1954.
"What is the EU?" is the second top UK question on the EU since the #EURefResults were officially announced
Meanwhile, in Canada
7 game lead in the NL West. 🖐s all around. #SFGiants
LGBT kids are perfect the way they are. They deserve love and acceptance—not bullying and violence.
British Twitter.
Trump and Brexit explained in one graph. Globalization left out some folks and theyre not happy.
The most articulate take on #Brexit is actually this FT reader comment today.
Were showing our true colors this weekend and were damn proud of it!
The parody account, and a few hours later, the real thing. 

Definitely living in a simulation.
The fire happening now in Californias Lake Isabella area

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I keep seeing Bernie supporters using JFK images in their support for Bernie. Bernie was not a big fan of JFK