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#SMX @GrantTilus gave great talk re: #GoogleHangouts on Air for marketing. Slide shows key takeaways. http://t.co/4MTT8hfIt8

San Francisco, California

Wow, can't believe I made @MaddieMarketer's #smx top takeaways list! #beyondhonored

Boston, MA

Wrap up session! #smx was so worth it! @ San Jose Convention Center https://t.co/ixSM0xs56E


Always enjoy hearing @wilreynolds share his thoughts & perspectives. Mind-blowing "duh" moments #smx #34a (at @smx) https://t.co/Yz8WGWK0EO

San Jose, CA

Build a business that is successfully independent of the search engines and you will earn natural links. #SMX @Sugarrae

Orange County, CA

SEO= Tenacity not tenderness @wilreynolds #SMX


Demystifying SEO with experiments via @Pinterest: http://t.co/BwokxyGAvy #SMX #34A

Reno, NV

It is better to use top level country domains for #InternationalSEO as opposed to subfolders #SMX @mdsimmonds @ellenreathwhite

Orange County, CA

+1's on Google+ impacts indexing on #Google @mdsimmonds #SMX

Orange County, CA

The best #contentmarketing tactics are to solve problems for your users and link your product or service with solving these problems. #SMX

Orange County, CA


All good things come to an end!!! http://t.co/zl6EJQ5SAE