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San Luis Obispo Countys median home price hits $500,000 #slo
Where in the world are our RPTA students? At Super Bowl 50! #GoMustangs @CalPolyRPTA
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Can we go back to having real performers for super bowl halftime shows?

San Luis Obispo, CA

RT @RealSkipBayless: Flashbacks to Super Bowl Halftime MVPs was best part of that Halftime Show.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Yeah, best #SB50 halftime show I've ever seen.

San Luis Obispo, CA

@chrisbharrison my boyfriend is so pissed about the halftime show that he doesn't want to watch the rest of the game

cal poly slo yo....

RT @SF_Gamerbabe11: OK I can admit when I'm wrong!!! This is the best halftime show I've ever watched!!! Can @BrunoMars teach me his moves …

San Luis Obispo, CA

RT @ayrxn: spongebob was a better halftime

San Luis Obispo, CA

Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show ????

916 ✈️ 805

RT @chancetherapper: This is the coolest halftime show since 1993 #SB50 #SuperBowl

San Luis Obispo, CA

RT @meanpIastic: Me watching the Halftime show right now

San Luis Obispo, CA

RT @IntelNFL: HALFTIME at #SB50: #Broncos 13 #Panthers 7

San Luis Obispo, CA