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When you see Bæ walkin by ???????? camerondallas

San luis obispo

Brooklyn Decker is perfection.

San Luis Obispo, CA

RT @Moreadee: Beta class GroupMe gives me lyfe ????????????????????

San Luis Obispo

David G.'s Review of Taqueria Santa Cruz Express - San Luis Obispo (1/5)

San Luis Obispo, California

Hilarious! RT @LifeNewsHQ: Girl Cries When She Learns Her Little Brother Will Grow Up: “But He’s So Cute!”

San Luis Obispo, CA

SP Halos 2 Blues 3 [Bottom 7th] [0 Out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] ... No one on [P: #16 Drew Jacobs] [B: #27 Kyle Raubinger]

San Luis Obispo, CA

RT @KSBY: There's something in the water. Falling lake levels reveal a semi-automatic gun and stolen car. #lagunalake

San Luis Obispo, CA

Holy humidity ! #centralcoastproblems

San Luis Obispo, Ca

This is the first time I haven’t managed a corporate social media presence in 4 years. First observation: I like not looking at my phone!

San Luis Obispo, California

Now THAT is some plants-on-a-wall action. @ San Luis Obispo, CA