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Well, it's been real. So long #Burgerama !

Dallas TX

Day 2 #burgerama


Tried using Meerkat at #Burgerama, but I felt like an asshole holding a camera up for so long. Prefer short videos on Snapchat instead.

West Hollywood, California

@Deathvalleygrls then @tysegall Perfect night! Thanks #burgerama

Los Angeles, Calif.

Listening to @nickwaterhouse do a Ty Segall song while Ty plays outside because they got scheduled at the same time. Depressing. #burgerama

Dallas TX

Shannon and the Clams at #Burgerama

Los Angeles

"Coachella is more of a fashion show these days anyway." #burgerama

The Sierra Nevada Mountains

. @colleengreen420 opening up #burgerama day 2 #wegotthebeat #letsdothis

Los Angeles

Shout out to whoever's spinning The Fall at #Burgerama #thisnationssavinggrace

Los Angeles

About to share a magical moment with my brothers. All hail #thegarden. #gardenbrothersinarms #burgerama #weareallthegarden