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RT @ryan: mrw using the @1password iOS 8 Extension for the first time:

Santa Clara, CA

Set up @1Password Extension in Safari


RT @_soaps: So, what is your most favorite app extension so far? #iOS8

Cork, Ireland / Cupertino, CA

RT @settern: Writing; get distracted by awesome new iOS 8 extension; continue writing. Rinse, repeat.

Cupertino, CA

RT @twostraws: iOS 8 is here, which means web developers now have a View Source button right in Safari thanks to my extension:

Cupertino, CA

Using the @1Password iOS 8 extension to log in to every website I have a password for just ‘cause.

San Jose, CA

Congrats to @AaronMarshall and the @overapp crew on the launch of their awesome new photo/extension app... Quick!

Palo Alto, CA

1password plus Touch ID and the Safari extension on iOS 8 feels like the future.

Sunnyvale, CA

RT @Sportsnet: Justin Braun signs 5-year, $19M extension with Sharks #NHL

San Jose CA

Justin Braun signed to a 5 year extension? Now that's the stuff I like! GO #SJSharks!

San Jose