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@NYIslanders Congrats, top of #sjsharks! Unroll.Me can simplify your email's inbox.

San Jose

RT @KKurzCSN: Analyzing the #SJSharks’ trade deadline moves, with comments from GM Doug Wilson

San Jose

Doug Wilson - "I think we’ve got a real good return and bounty to be able to use going forward" #SJSharks

San Jose, CA, USA

RT @KKurzCSN: #SJSharks ‘not throwing in the towel’ after emotional trade deadline

San Jose, Ca.

You know it's bad when the cheapest tickets are $18 for the #SJSharks when they are about to play Montreal...

San Jose, California

@nwsharksfan Good to hear (the former). And good to see ex-#SJSharks coach Kevin Constantine doing well there.

San Jose, CA

@aaronpolevoi Money talks and I hear there's a little loose change up here. Plus SeaTimes today says arena focus shifting to NHL. #SJSharks

San Jose, CA

RT @jeffmadams: Meanwhile in San Jose... #SJSharks

San Jose, CA

From SeaTac, only semi-surprise was #SJSharks getting roster player in return -- Ben Smith from CHI. Departures telegraphed, market spoke.

San Jose, CA

RT @SharksCare: Best of luck to Andrew Desjardins, @TyeMcGinn, Tyler Kennedy & Freddie Hamilton! Thanks for all that you've done for @SharksCare! #SJSharks

San Jose, CA
Lonely Hertl in the dressing room this morning #SJSharks
Just an FYI there are still some players here #SJSharks