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RT @erivera7: I miss teams wearing all-black socks/shoes during the playoffs. Big reason why I loved watching the Bulls and Pacers in the late '90s.

Santa Clara, CA

RT @RiotQuickshot: Absolutely LOST my sh!t when @Bjergsen got that Pentakill. I have now been in both Penta's during playoffs. #LCS Game 3 coming up!

Santa Clara, CA

RT @dightkwing: Anyway St. Louis is really good at holding 2-0 leads in the playoffs I'm sure this will go great

Santa Clara, California!




Santa Clara, CA


RT @Chris_DelGrosso: Bae: Come over Me: nah I gotta watch my neighbors goat Bae: my parents aren’t home Me:
“@thoughtskylie: when bae has another bae”


RT @RichardOHornos: VOTE#kochbuysgop #asian #Democrats #PAYBACK #midterms #Elections2014 #GOPDontCare #UniteBlue #TNTweeters #Easter
RT @RealTonyRocha: Wishing a Happy #Easter to all of you, no matter your religion. May #Jesus bless you all, my friends!