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Nice professional throw there uggla

San Jose, California

RT @baseballbridget: Uggla isn't released??

San Jose,Ca

Crap. Gotta cancel my Uggla jersey order, that I changed to an Ishikawa jersey to an Utley one now. This is just some big ol hot mess now.

San Jose

RT @rlieberman2529: UPDATE: SF Giants option Tyler Colvin, expected to part with Dan Uggla

San Jose,Ca

RT @SportsCenter: Correction: Giants have not released Dan Uggla, contrary to previous reports. Struggling 2B is 0-for-11 with 6 strikeouts for San Francisco.

Santa Clara, CA

RT @SportsCenter: Giants release Dan Uggla after just 4 games. Uggla was 0-for-11 with six strikeouts and three errors for San Francisco.

Santa Clara, CA

The uggla experiment was worth a shot. I am glad they didn't stick with him long.

Silicon Valley

RT @JonHeymanCBS: uggla finishes giants career going 0 for 11 with 6 K's and 3 E's, matching his performance in the 2008 all-star game.

Santa Clara, CA