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You like drake? me:
The speech that almost didn't happen
@ainsleycd They totally think he pushed him! #TheBachelorette #MenTellAll
@_AlienAndrea He's ready to call everyone out! You can tell by the whistle! #MenTellAll #TheBachelorette
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“Because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters...can take it for granted that a woman can be president.” —@FLOTUS
Ele grosso..😏
Ela apertadinha..💁🏻
Join us @smfilmfestival Spotlight @ArcLightCinemas #SantaMonica Sun July 31st 6PM #Moderated by @KCRWs @RadioChio
Drums In The Park @TaikoCenterLA #taikocenter #tongvapark #drums #workshop #santamonica
Rio cocaine dealers now using the Olympic logo, plus the warning "dont use near children," which is very thoughtful
This photo of Donald Trumps mum looks like a character in a film about Trumps life where Trump plays all the roles
Really cant beat that view. #LA #SantaMonica #nofilter
Annual surfcostume contest in Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles 🌊🌴🏄🏼
Existe algo melhor que isso? ❤️😍🍟🍔
Quando alguém diz que engravidou por acidente, imagino isso:
The moon passed between @NASA climate observatory and the earth. Almost unbelievable that this is a real photo
You heard @FLOTUS. Heres how you can get involved in this campaign →
Always shoot your first & third acts before shooting the second act: #filmmaking #filmmakers
Thank you, Philadelphia! #DemsInPhilly
Best time w my OG Social Media Peeps 140LA Reunion Mixer @jeffpulver @WriteOnOnline  @BeautySmith #140ConfLA
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#HowardDean is my hero. #DNCinPHL #ImWithHer

iPhone: 34.015930,-118.501266

#LaurenManning has me in tears....along with the rest of the Nation. #ImWithHer @HillaryClinton


RT @CecileRichards: Ann Richards on her Inauguration Day in Texas - smiling from on high tonight as we nominate HRC 💖 #ImWithHer

Santa Monica

I, too, was feelin' the bern. Then the Bern got behind the Hill. So #ImWithHer now. We lost. Let's move forward.


RT @Fired_Up_2016: @cspan is my choice. @MSNBC and @CNN are only seeking out people who will speak ill of @HillaryClinton #ImWithHer

Santa Monica, CA

Hillary Clinton because ... is a leader and a mother who will say our children’s names." -- #ImWithHer

Santa Monica

So inspirational #DNC #MothersoftheMovement #GenevaReed-Veal so emotional, so gracious, so faithful. #ImWithHer 🙏🏽🙏🏽


RT @puppymnkey: #HERstory #ImWithHer #DemsInPhilly

Santa Monica, CA

@gretagarbled I'm proudly voting for the first female President of the US. Not sure what's up your butt, but I don't care #ImWithHer

Santa Monica

Yay! @NancyPelosi on stage, getting the full Convention coverage on @cspan #DemConvention #DemsInPhilly #ImWithHer

Santa Monica