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Im uploading this in connection with the financial crisis in Greece and Europe. Many North Europeans think Greece and Europe is in crisis because the Greeks lived more luxarious that they could afford.

The truth is far from that. Funny, I saw this movie/documentary (Zeitgeist 2) before the crisis broke out in Greece. Watching the things 2 years now, I recognise the pattern that is described by this ex-economic hitman (John Perkins) in this clip, which is a small part of the Zeitgeist 2 documentary which is REALLY worth watching ( 

Now I can tell with cerntainty, Greece is not paying for its thoughtlessness. Greece is right now under the attack of economic hitmen. And Im afraid so is the whole Europe, country after country.
I can see your Camel (21+Pics)57 You need to see this
Fireworks! We present interstellar explosions for this Fourth of July! Enjoy: #July4
Top story: @settostun: This isnt an outtake from Blade Runner—its Beijing to…, see more
Russell Chase (play by Randy Quaid) volunteers to fly a jet for the Air Force.

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This Woman Has Two Valginas—Here’s How That’s Actually Possible More sexy pics
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@emilynunez_ @Adizz09 quite fun tbh ?

los angeles, california

Tbh worst 4th of July ever.

Santa Monica

My 4th was str8 tbh


RT @christiand: my summer has just been a lot of sleeping and eating tbh

Santa Monica, CA

TBH oo naman☺

Santa Monica, CA