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Who needs Broadway when you can see @TheLionKing with the @NeighborsMovie stars & @JKCorden in the streets of LA?
That girl has to much patience
this guy flipped a water bottle for his talent show & it's the best thing I've ever seen 😂😂
Ya'll funny AF with these sound effects 😂💀
@ddlovato @nickjonas So excited for you guys to tour together again! #EverybodyTalks
Things done changed #schittscreek
@TheRock Your boy @JohnCena is cool with you having sex with his mother? #FriendshipGoals? #LateLateShow
How girls be when they do their makeup
#WomanOfTheWeek @LuciRomberg awesome badass stepping outside of her comfort zone! #trübeauty #WomenKickAss √her out!
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@treehugging Ever heard of a vegetable "cookie jar"? We invented one! Lets share it! :)
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@erin_zuk The future of fresh vegetables is looking better than you think! RT ;)
@UniteEuropeNews Our Membership Can Help You Achieve Your Entreprenurial Dreams!!
@sabambury We believe vegetables make healthier happier families. Do you? RT VeggiDome
Meet #Industrys @chefjoefriday Executive Chef at @ViaVaito and Founder of Underground Chef Co #InspiredByPassion
Meet #Industrys Joe Topper, Head Chef at @BirchtreeCaters in Philadelphia, PA #InspiredByPassion
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A real Dodger dog at Dodger Stadium

Dodgers win it! Nice mini home stand.

Santa Monica, CA


Santa Monica, CA

YAZ! Dodgers lead 3-1 ??

Santa Monica, CA

It's time for Doyer Baseball! Es hora de que los Dodgers de béisbol ???⚾️? @thebenbergman @ScottWarner18 @YasielPuig

Los Angeles

" fuck me while I watch the dodgers take this W " hours

Santa Monica, CA

I wanna be rich enough so I can own Dodgers season tickets

Santa Monica, CA

Having a little poblano quesadilla before we go watch the Dodgers beat the Reds again I'm…

Santa Monica




















Kylie: “r” #Instagram #JennerUpdates
Kylie: “Sleeping on em boy Im sleeeeepy” #Instagram #JennerUpdates
Kylie: “(no caption)” #Instagram #JennerUpdates
Video of Kylie from Kylies snapchat story. #JennerUpdates