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Nothing like a little thunder and lightning to welcome runners for Sunday's #napavalleymarathon. http://t.co/NOg7BpCnn8

Santa Rosa, CA

Im on a hike in marin where its sunny and beautiful but seeing all these posts about thunder rain in hail in petaluma. Crazy weather

Santa Rosa, California

Thunder and lightening ?

Santa Rosa, CA

Weird that in Santa Rosa #thunder is such a novelty that we have to speculate: "Was that a truck or thunder?"

Santa Rosa, CA

I'm 19 and I'm terrified of thunder. Loud noises make my anxiety worse. I hate this. Why does my brain hate me??


Thunder. Lightening. And rain. One happy girl.


Whoa, actual thunder!

Santa Rosa, California, USA

Thunder! Woot! ⚡?☁

Santa Rosa, CA

my dog does not like this thunder

Santa Rosa


*capitanich rompiendo el vestido* http://t.co/MdF4l2shBJ