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RT @FirebrandProgs: Gunsanity! 9 Year Old Accidentally Shoots Instructor With Uzi At Las Vegas Area Gun Range…

Silver Spring, MD

RT @bgreene: Let your 9-year-old play alone in the park: Illegal. Let your 9-year-old fire an Uzi: Legal. Makes the laws of quantum mechanics seem easy.

Silver Spring, MD

RT @joefaz: In Wake if Arizona Uzi Killing, NRA Tweets About Kids Having Fun With Guns #UniteBlue #LibCrib #GunSense

Silver Spring, MD

RT @lrozen: Accidental killing by 9yo firing Uzi at Az. Range turns on head maxim that guns don't kill, people do. The gun was the problem.

Silver Spring, MD, USA

Why is a 9 year old at a shooting range . . . shooting an Uzi?!!

Silver Spring, Maryland

Is there any excuse for this madness? --- A 9-Year-Old at a Shooting Range, a Spraying Uzi and Outrage

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