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#GoodMorning Great #People 
Heres #HumpDay #Wednesdays #GreenLineWedForecast heavy down pour of riders who woke up this morning, hit a jay, and then post "On my way to the $$$" on Facebook, senior old school fly girls who may go back to drinking Colt 45 since Billy Dee Williams is back, rookie fly girls who said "OH MY MAHFAHIN GAWD" after hearing about yesterdays bus jacking, Black people who would consider moving to the moon if Donald Trumps sucka type bamma ass became president, sweet smelling plus size honeys whos thigh will touch your thigh when you sit next to them, close to record breaking #Hoodmidity with scattered sightings of fake eyelashes that are as wide as Donald Duck costume feet, #HoodormetricPressure stronger than a Pitbull who just ate a PCP Dog Treat, #LoudPackReader detecting the smell of loud on skinny jean addicts who claim they rap aka sitcho dumb ass down, #RadarBlickeyJont showing afternoon and evening down pours of senior old school players who have Viagra in their pockets, gentrification transplants whos facial expressions say "He has on a machine gun belt" when seeing Oilquaida members, and Beauty4U Runway Models  whose real hair is raggedy as a mango seed under their yaki helmets, slight down pour of perverts who vision oily twerking butts when hearing HumpDay, and a 50% chance you see a rookie fly girl at Gallery Place Station whose hair is dyed Mumbo Sauce Reddish Orange. Thank You and Have a Great Day, Joe Jack #MayorOfTheGreenLine #Read #LOL #Laugh #Poetry #Comedy #wmata #DC #DMV #Bmore #NYC #Boston #ATL #Chicago #Detroit #Chicago #Minnesota #Vegas #LA
Ivan Williams, Ministerial Director of the North American Division speaks to the Hispanic Leaders #nadministerial
I do feel for you guys though. So, heres the link:…
Love it: 20 teens baptized at @TakomaAcademy after unusual week of prayer.
6th grade honor roll and All As is the largest in the school for MP3! @gingercberry @CoachAGordon #honorablemention
Excited 2 meet w BlairHS Sr Class SGA officers. Love these ladies! #GirlPower @MBHS2016 @blairprincipal @Blair_SGA
Congrats to our 6th grade honor roll and straight A students! You have a bright future ahead! #argyleachieves
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MI governor is Republican. Flint.

Takoma Park, MD

RT @WhiteHouse: “Flint’s recovery is everyone’s responsibility. And I will do all I can to make sure that responsibility is met.” —@POTUS in #Flint

4200 Connecticut Avenue NW, Wa

RT @ABC: After coughing fit during remarks in Flint, Pres. Obama asks for glass of water. "It'll be filtered!"

4200 Connecticut Avenue NW, Wa

RT @WhiteHouse: "Congress also needs to act in bipartisan fashion, do their job and make sure Flint has the necessary resources." —@POTUS in #Flint

4200 Connecticut Avenue NW, Wa

RT @vj44: .@POTUS with Little Miss Flint

Chevy Chase, MD

RT @MMFlint: So excited! President Obama landing soon in Flint with arrest warrant for Gov Snyder, PLUS thousands of troops to replace all the pipes!

The North Gate

Proud of 120+ @nationalservice mbrs responding to #FlintWaterCrisis & 100s more serving people of Flint & Genesee Co

Chevy Chase, MD

Seven Things Obama Should Say From Flint

iPhone: 38.998646,-77.068558

RT @nwarikoo: In Flint, "immigrants...were turned away from the state’s water distribution...because they didn’t have a photo ID"

Takoma Park, MD

“Obama Could Make Us A Priority:” Flint Residents Hope President’s Visit Sparks Change

Silver Spring, Md.