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RT @daveweigel: Boy, up until this Obama gaffe, Republicans were totally unable to say Dems supported his agenda.

Silver Spring, MD

RT @GoodbyeKoch: In 2011 David & Charles #Koch pledged to donate $100 million dollars to whoever ran against president Obama.

Silver Spring, MD

RT @SenatorKirk: #Congress won't support an Obama-Khamenei deal that condemns our children to a nuclear-armed Middle East

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RT @chrisjohnson82: Obama praised by #LGBT advocates for saying Constitution guarantees #MarriageEquality in "all 50 states" @WashBlade

Silver Spring, MD

RT @AriMelber: Unlike most presidents, the majority of Obama's judicial nominees are "women and nonwhite males.” @JeffreyToobin

Silver Spring, MD

RT @SimonMaloy: Having spent 7+ years seeing Obama's past scrutinized for "radicalism," it's fun when this stuff gets ignored.

Silver Spring, 20910

RT @RT_America: Obama considers allowing torture overseas

Silver Spring, Md.

President Obama has signed an executive order to bolster gov't issued credit card security: #SIAOnline #CardSecurity

Silver Spring, MD