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haters gonna say it's edited
Wait for it.....
First it was “F**k Steph Curry”…now this
🚨🚨New Hit Alert🚨🚨 @Snapchat 2016 Theme Song #SnapBoomin #OZP #BBLU… @TazsAngels 📲#NewShyt
Lmfaoo. RT @DOMLEAFY: Nobody showed up 2 work at McDonalds today 😭
Vine by @StoolMilmore - Barstool Sports - It was a good run
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#np Bou - Real Friends (Freestyle) @Bou_yh @Spinrilla 💯💯..
#GoodMorning Great #People 
Heres #MemorialDay #Mondays #GreenLineMonForecast heavy down pour of hair weave suffering from weekend turn up damage,  young dudes wearing house arrest anklets as if theyre a trendy accessory, gentrification transplants who look like lost prostitutes in need of a pimps direction, talkative young white women who constantly say "You know like!!!", real got damn high #Hoodmidity with scattered sightings of fake eyelashes that are as wide as an eagles wing span, #HoodormetricPressure causing senior old school fly guys to butt watch and think "Them peoples phat den ah mahfah", #LoudPackReader detecting the smell of loud on Lil Smoke and his mans and nem, #RadarBlickeyJont showing afternoon and evening down pours of nervous looking sucka type bammas, expert back alley crap shooters, and phatta den ah mug old school fly wearing stretch jeans that  show off their panty lines, slight down pour of heel backs that need to be dipped in warm Eucerin, and a 60% chance you see a middle aged white dude at Navy Yard Station dressed like an 80s game show host whos jive like ready to spin the wheel moe. Thank You and Have a Great Day, Joe Jack #MayorOfTheGreenLine #Read #LOL #Laugh #Giggle #Comedy #Poetry #wmata #metro #DC #DMV #Bmore #NYC #ATL #Chicago #Detroit #NewOrleans #Vegas #LA
Interview: Another slow section winner - 4A boys 400 champ Jacari Ramsey of @springbrooktf15
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RT @janicemin: LeVar Burton on seeing Malachi Kirby's Kunta Kinte: 'My heart just exploded.' #Roots @THR

Silver Spring, MD

RT @ninaturner: #ROOTS reminds us why Black folks should think before calling each other "Niggas". This word was used 2 destroy the essence of who we are.

Silver Spring, MD

African Strength!!!! #MandikaWarrior #Roots

ÜT: 38.936295,-77.066379

RT @blackfilm: Kunta doesn't like his new know where this is headed. #roots

ÜT: 38.936295,-77.066379

You cannot buy a slave have to make a slave. OMG! #Roots

Silver Spring, MD

I refuse to watch #Roots. "Reimagined" my ass!


I'm trying not to be too emotionally overwhelmed. #Roots My family didn't even go through this

In my own little world...

How anyone can watch #Roots & still use the N word as a statement of "affection" is beyond my comprehension We simply must prepare warriors

Silver Spring, MD

We are the children of those who were strong enough to choose to survive! There is No-Thing we cannot do! #Roots

Silver Spring, MD

This passage scene is equal parts gut wrenching & heartbreaking but real history is uncomfortable. Discomfort helps us learn & grow #Roots

Silver Spring, MD
Come home to the Wizards bro. @KDTrey5 #KD2DC
@KDTrey5 you can always come home #WizardsTalk #KDtoDC
.@KDTrey5 its time, bro.
When you realize the BasedGod curse was real @LILBTHEBASEDGOD ????????????
.@LILBTHEBASEDGOD commented on Thunders loss to Warriors in Game 7.


Before OKC-GSW, no player in history had ever hit more than 28 3s in a series. Then Klay had 30. And Steph had 32.
Bernie Sanders in Section 108 Row 15 for the GSW game. No way to price tickets for tonight but for NBA Finals Game 1


Come home to the Wizards bro. @KDTrey5 #KD2DC
Wizards fans be like
RT Wizards Fans ????????????????


Maybe this happens DC. Great season OKC but all good things come to an end!!!!!! #KD2DC
Come home to the Wizards bro. @KDTrey5 #KD2DC


Vine by SportsNation - 19 points in the 3rd quarter. Russ = LOCKED. IN.


MVP!!! ????????????
Vine by SportsCenter - MVP
Most valuable indeed. Teams with the MVP have now won 18 straight Game 7s. EIGHTEEN.
Teams with that seasons MVP have now won 18 straight Game 7s
Vine by SportsCenter - "Ew daddy."


When you getting fouled but you know the officials arent gonna do anything about it
Steph Curry draws the foul on Ibaka and just tosses it in from deep after the foul called.


Vine by SportsCenter - Round 2.