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Wake Forest upsets No. 13 Indiana! Bryant Crawfords layup w/ 5 seconds left hands Hoosiers 1st loss of the year.
When you lowkey got a mild concussion but ball is still life & you gotta hit the clutch corner three w 5 secs left
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Pres Obama pats Pres Hollande on the arm telling reporters no statement now, news conference later.
Hollande: Obama "was the first one to call me" after Paris terror attacks; WATCH LIVE:
"Make no mistake," Barack Obama said. "We will win, and groups like ISIL will lose." | Getty
French Pres. Hollande says he & Pres. Obama will scale up strikes in Syria, Iraq & strengthen intelligence sharing.
RELEASE: Mayor Bowser Announces Successful Implementation of President Obama’s Education Initiative
Obama on Paris: It was an attack against the world itself:
Honest and Abe vie for Obamas Thanksgiving turkey pardon:
French President Hollande: President Obama was the first to call me after Paris attacks
Getting ready for Obama-Hollande news conference; scheduled for 11:30 am
President Obama met with French President Hollande this morning. Expecting press conf at 11:30 ET. Live cvg on NPR
President Obama Meets with French President Hollande at The White House
JUST IN: Obama on downing of Russian jet: Turkey has right to defend its airspace
Obama pledges solidarity with France
Scene set at the White House for the Obama-Hollande press conference
President Obama wrapping up his statement with French President Hollande.

Not big on Green Lanternism, but Obama’s peevish response to Syria/ISIS is clearly counterproductive via @jon_rauch

Silver Spring, MD, USA

Counterpoint -- message worked for Obama in 12 general


tip: I reported the man who gave me tips in NOV '11 about North Braddock PA resident DJ Nelson to President Obama/Holder via email @ASKDOJ

Silver Spring, MD


"Make no mistake, we will win and groups like ISIL will lose." —@POTUS
“It cannot be tolerated. It must be destroyed. And we must do it together." —@POTUS on ISIL
@CNN @POTUS YES! KINDNESS APPEAL Help Children in Camps Give Teddy Bears/Dolls/Balls
#SecDef Carter meets w/ @POTUS, French PM @fhollande & MOD @JY_LeDrian to discuss recent #ParisAttacks @WhiteHouse
"Our humanitarian duty to help desperate refugees & our duty to our security—those duties go hand in hand." —@POTUS
At 11:30 am EST, Presidents @fhollande and @POTUS will give a press conference at the @WhiteHouse
#France #USA In #strength and #liberty we stand together. For 250yrs @fhollande @POTUS @GerardAraud @HeralddeParis
.@POTUS on downing of Russian jet: Turkey has the right to defend its airspace
Whats the purpose of @fhollandes visit to the U.S., meeting with @POTUS?
.@POTUS I stand w/ women & girls raped in conflict. Will you? #HelmsHurts #16days #BreakBarriers
Our Nation is strongest when we broaden entrepreneurial opportunity... @POTUS #EntrepreneurshipMonth
.@vp looks on as @potus offers condemnation of ISIS with Hollande. "We love the French," Obama says.
Standing with President Hollande, @POTUS expresses total solidarity with the people of France.
.@POTUS after meeting @fhollande: We are all French now via @StCollinson & @Kevinliptakcnn
.@POTUS and @fhollande meet: What a différence in U.S.-French relations


Donald Trump actually admitted that he doesnt check his facts. Seriously.
Keith Ellison warns Donald Trumps racist rhetoric is going to get somebody murdered
Donald Trump rallies get rough | Photos: @smahaskey
Donald Trump rallies get rough | Photos: @smahaskey
America doesn’t trust its government, to Donald Trump’s advantage.
Donald Trump: Im the least racist person on earth:
Conor McGregor calls out Donald Trump for bashing Rousey: Donald can shut his big fat mouth
Why Ted Cruz is suddenly distancing himself from Donald Trump:
The Man Beaten And Choked At A Donald Trump Rally Tells His Story by @AliceOllstein
Donald Trump knows how to play to fear
Why the media wont say Donald Trump is lying.
How Donald Trump is creating an atmosphere of racial fear:
26 lies Donald Trump has told since running for President


Reportedly theres been strange behavior at car dealerships in Frederick and Gaithersburg, Maryland. #ISIS
Fmr General Wesley Clark : #Turkey has supported #ISIS. "Who is buying their oil"? "Who is allowing fighters?" .
VIDEO: "New Syrian Army" rebels destroy an #ISIS IED factory near al-Tanf - @arabthomness
Images of the aftermath of the attack #Sinai #ISIS
"@Nick95B: @realDonaldTrump Ill only vote for TRUMP! If eGOP screw things up I wont vote for ANY republicans; ANY
Is there nothing that @realDonaldTrump isnt willing to lie about? Its sad & amazing.
This great @FrancesSSellers piece about how @realDonaldTrump treats women includes this gem
.@realDonaldTrump taps into deep Republican anger at government
Networks hold conference call on @realdonaldtrump coverage. Action unlikely.
.@BradPaisley came up to see me. A really nice and talented guy.
.@RealBenCarson walks back on his support for @realDonaldTrumps disputed 9/11 claim
What @realdonaldtrump got wrong about race & homicide: (via @sdbieler) #2016analysis


Christie criticizes people for not saying "radical Islam." Heres a list of phrases DHS under Bush advised against:
Francois Hollande comes to Washington to make his case for action against the Islamic State


Clinton vows to stop saying "illegal immigrants"
JUST IN: Clinton lands 15th national unions endorsement
JUST IN: Clinton vows to stop saying "illegal immigrants"
Clinton scolds Trump for treatment of Black Lives Matter protester | AP Photo
Ummm @nytimes this Krugman column with Clinton in the war room photo has a cat in it...
Obama’s ethanol rule could make things awkward for Clinton in Iowa | AP Photo
Putin warns of "serious consequences" after Turkey shoots down Russian warplane:
Chicago cop charged with murder of teen, city braces for video of shooting:
.@Reuters: #NATO envoys urge #Turkey to show restraint after Russian warplane downed #Russia


Rubio takes the stage
Rubio backer behind new anti-Ted Cruz ad | AP photo
Marco Rubio has upped his outreach to Hispanic evangelical pastors since the last debate.
Rubio backer behind new anti-Ted Cruz ad | AP Photo
Marco Rubio : RT between2worlds: Marco Rubio responds to a question about faith, anxiety, …


"It must be as soon as possible," says Hollande when asked for date by which Syrias Assad will be ousted.


“It cannot be tolerated. It must be destroyed. And we must do it together." —@POTUS on ISIL
"Make no mistake, we will win and groups like ISIL will lose." —@POTUS
"Make no mistake," Barack Obama said. "We will win, and groups like ISIL will lose." | Getty
How ISIS (blue), ISIL (red) and Daesh (Yellow) stack up in Google searches
Another 283 ISIL tankers carrying illegal oil destroyed Al Hassakah.
Pentagon: "This is Turkey and Russia. This is their incident. Our focus is on ISIL."
Saw Turkish anger building against Russian strikes on moderates/Turkmen rather than ISIL. Short fuse blew today.


By 2020 #Morocco will have one of the world’s largest solar power plants ever built: #COP21
A complete guide to navigating the #COP21 talks → the issues, the players, & the road ahead: