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Honored to have received the endorsement of Lou Holtz - a great guy! #INPrimary #Trump2016
WHS Senior Skip Day #RunningManChallenge
trust no one
Pristine. Scarce. Collectible. A new #PotofGold is on deck. #IRISHEL17E ☘
Guess Who's Back
#trustfallchallenge now i know who my real friends are 😤😤
Kraig Moss plays his original song "Gonna' build a Wall" while @realDonaldTrump supporters wait. @SBTribune
Time lapse of the @realDonaldTrump rally line in South Bend @SBTribune for more coverage
He said just dunk on me😳😂
Bih 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 RT @JoellaDeville: @king_of_indiana
@realdonaldtrump has taken the stage in South Bend. Stay with us for updates!
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Thank you South Bend, Indiana! Everyone get out & #VoteTrump tomorrow! #INPrimary
Thank you #SouthBend, #Indiana! Everyone get out & #VoteTrump tomorrow! #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain
The fam really knows how to protest Trump🌮
Our 7 draftees in the first 4 rounds earned an estimated $51 mil.

The value of the Notre Dame brand.

Leicester City. Champions of England.
#Cubs No. 23 prospect Carson Sands pitches six scoreless innings for @SBCubs.
Heres our @SBTribune photo gallery from @realDonaldTrump rally. @BeckyMalewitz @MLCaterina
Up early to #vote in South Bend
Indiana – you vote tomorrow, May 3. Lets make it the biggest voter turnout in Indiana Democratic primary history.
A night to remember😎 , with a wonderful date #prom2k16 😈 @Moniccaa_E
Irish Fans: We would like to invite you out to our Fan Appreciation Game & BBQ this Saturday!



For the first time in days we are Walken on sunshine all afternoon! Enjoy! @walken20 #sunshine
Reasons for Guys love small boobs too
Ryan Schrader, of South Bend, kisses a Trump mask as he waits for @realDonaldTrump rally in South Bend. @SBTribune
Still some room left inside the main room for @realDonaldTrump rally in South Bend. #TrumpSB @SBTribune
.@realDonaldTrump speaking now in South Bend. #TrumpSB @SBTribune
Local history walking tours of @DTSouthBend start this month. @SBTribune #HoosierHistory
I will be tweeting from inside the @realDonaldTrump rally in South Bend Tonight. #TrumpSB @SBTribune
Beyonce look like the rough endoplasmic reticulum with ribosomes attached to it
People starting to filter in for the @realDonaldTrump rally #TrumpSB @SBTribune
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Wonder why #ScienceMatters in the #IndianaPrimary? Hear directly from @NotreDame students:

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump. One of these is not like the other. One of these does not belong. #IndianaPrimary


Loooooong line at our voting precinct. No surprise there. #IndianaPrimary

South Bend, IN

RT @AmandaGraySBT: I was voter No. 84 at my location at 9:30 am. What are then numbers like at your polling place? #IndianaPrimary @SBTribune

South Bend, IN

There should be confessors and shower stalls outside every polling place in Indiana today. #IndianaPrimary

South Bend, IN

RT @UNDResearch: Wonder why #ScienceMatters in the #IndianaPrimary? Hear directly from @NotreDame students:

Notre Dame, IN

RT @UNDResearch: Wonder why #ScienceMatters in the #IndianaPrimary? Hear directly from @NotreDame students:

Notre Dame, Indiana

#IndianaPrimary #INPrimary #PrimaryDay #HillaryStrong #ReadyForHillary


Wonder why #ScienceMatters in the #IndianaPrimary? Hear directly from @NotreDame students:

Notre Dame, IN

Elkhart uses electronic voting. I've seen @ScandalABC 2 many times to not pay attention to how my vote is counted. #indianaprimary #defiance

South Bend IN

Heavy turnout expected today for critical #IndianaPrimary.

South Bend, IN


Up early to #vote in South Bend