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Shit Lit For Elizabeth.
"I asked my cousin who her favorite rapper is" 😂😂
haters will say it's fake
Wow niggas is funny.
Bompton approves this message 🇺🇸 @YG
he asked his cousin who her favorite rapper is
When the Timmy Timmy Turner song y'all was dissing bouta be fire 🔥 @LifeOfDesiigner
Baby girl sees her parents clearly for the first time
Let's all appreciate one of the best theme songs ever.
Miguel - Adorn
Treat me like somebody 🎤🎤🎤
Put this song at a party and I'll the first one on the dance floor 💃
It's been two years. 6.29.14
Wait until the end 😂
this is disgusting i want 20
lmaoooo the ending
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I want a boy to be so in love with me that he takes photos like this for his wallpaper smh is that too much 2 ask 4
How I wanted to be this summer vs. how Im really spending my summer
Heating things up
Baby trEats me good 😘
L E G E N D S 🐍 🐐  👑
transformation tuesday
Kobe Bryant is visiting the mountains in Taiwan and basically learning how to become Yoda. That Mamba logo tho. 👀🔥
Frank Ocean been watching greys anatomy instead of working on the new album smh
In middle school when you would trade & grade papers and somebody asked the teacher if your answer was close enough
Bored on a Tuesday night? Do you have no plans? RT when you find it
When your uncle get off the grill at the family reunion real quick to show you his spiral
When customers are yelling about something you cant change so you stand there knowing you cant do shit for them
spread this everywhere and please contact the numbers provided if you see this girl or the vehicle shown
Tejano star Selena to receive star on Hollywood Walk of Fame 21 years after her death
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RT @500px: How To Turn Bad Moments Into Great Photos: #WednesdayWisdom #NationalCameraDay

Downey, CA

RT @DoctorWho_BBCA: "The least important things, sometimes, my dear boy, lead to the greatest discoveries." - First Doctor #DoctorWho #WednesdayWisdom

Downey CA
I got new hair what you think?




my goal: someone to love me the way tyler the creator loves cole sprouse
my goal: someone to love me the way tyler the creator loves cole sprouse
All I want in life is for someone to love me the way Tyler, The Creator loves Cole Sprouse
love me the way tyler, the creator loves cole sprouse