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RT @DaveRiceSD: #StopTheParade Protesters Descend On New York's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Springfield MO USA

RT @GMA: "I know him... I know him!" Santa rings in the holidays at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Springfield, Missouri

RT @GeorgieBC: Here, a 12 year old that didn't get to see the parade either.Not frightened, just murdered. #TamirRice #StopTheParade

Springfield, Mo

RT @jimmeshelter: Gene Simmons' comment 'Rock is dead' is now 'Rock is lip syncing on a parade float just ahead of the ninja turtles '

Springfield, Missouri

I'll just go ahead and start the parade of food photos #HappyThanksgiving

Monett/Springfield MO

Christmas doesn't start until Santa comes through on the parade. #MacysParade

Springfield, MO

I made it on live TV at the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade

Springfield, MO

I could very well be attending the Macy's Parade next year :)

Rolla, MO; Springfield, MO

Even Taylor Swift doesn't lip sync as bad as all these parade performers come onnnn


I have to work from 8pm-5am tomorrow night so I'm literally being forced to sleep in through the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade to rest -_-

Springfield, Missouri