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CarlosStemz-RedSprayPaint (Music Video)
The reason why girls take forever to get ready ???????? - Vine by Dcano_Papii - The reason why girls take forever to get ready 😑😒
Vine by Mark Rastani - Rich Gang - Lifestyle ft. Lou Holtz #loop #comedy #lifestyle #richgang #funny
Me - Vine by crossroad assbutt - Me
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@Ace22Davis giving his ring size..important tradition at GS..just ask last years class!! #GATA #Kliq25
Oooooooo lol 😎😅👊 #Whip #HailSouthern
As real as gets. @gatafblifestyle always on ice @themgataboyz
Black women are just so beautiful. In all different shades and countries.🙏
The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done. -Arnold Palmer #GATA
@AYO_siFIEE you came from a winning program in GA you should keep it that way! Your a winner! #GATA #Kliq25
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RT @AmourManrey75: I'm very proud of my little bro @anreesaintamour to committing to Georgia Tech!!!

Georgia Southern University

And he be showing Georgia love forreal, y'all unappreciative lol.

Georgia Southern University

Just posted a photo @ Georgia Southern University


Swag runs deep and thick at Georgia Southern just like how I like my women #GATA #HailSouthern #LetsRoll

Da Georgia Southern University

Congrats to our newest commits @iDexterCarter and @cool_ah_jessie on going hard and ham to Georgia Southern #GATA #Kliq25 #smash

Da Georgia Southern University

@Zac_Hyder @jwkelly0190 good! You shouldn't be discontent with Georgia! There's nothing wrong with it. It's THE BEST.

Statesboro, Georgia

Hustle Hard, Play Harder! #Heavyweight #229Forever @ Georgia Southern University


I wish my friends in Georgia knew how to comfort me like my friends in California do ?

Statesboro, GA

The only place I wanna be right now is the @Patriots send off but I'm in Georgia ??





Its that time of the semester again! Rush Kappa Sigma! ΑΕΚΔΒ