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Crazy how shoreline can determine the value of some friendships


Shoreline goin up... On a Tuesday


This traffic to Shoreline is no bueno ????

Davis, CA

highway traffic was taking dayz so my sister and I got out of the uber and are walking to shoreline #waytodoit


Dear City of Mountain View and Shoreline. Sure you can find a better fix for your concerts' traffic patterns than regular lights!

Palo Alto, CA

The drive to shoreline is always so fun


Having dinner with good friends/former coworkers from Rockville, MD-Jeanna & from Shoreline, WA-Debbie

Cupertino, Ca

Time to play the game of "not get shot at shoreline" while wearing blue????


Today's going alright. Not looking forward to the drive home because of a concert at shoreline, but meh

Mountain View, CA