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Vine by San Antonio Spurs - Selena knows what's up. #GoSpursGo
When you just smashed yesterday but she acting new because her "husband" with her
Vine by BuzzFeed Celeb - Yaaaas Lady Gaga!
10-0 Broncos
Vine by Sparky - Betty White putting basic bitches to SHAME when she his the dab!
Vine by Mashable News - This is why she is the Queen #Bey #SB50
Game winner! 👌🏻🔥 #SCtop10
Vine by Dwight Schrute - I should be the number 1 pick in tonight's NFL Draft.
Vine by SportsCenter - 👑🐝
We came. We saw. We conquered. #OrangeNation
.@StephenCurry30 + #KeepPounding  Let's goooooo #SB50
"she hates you" me:
Our customers are the intended receivers when we save money. #EsuranceSweepstakes #SB50
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Orange alums Ryan Lacasse, Marvin Harrison, Dwight Freeney, James Mungro & Josh Thomas won rings in #SuperBowl XLI
I taught @CameronNewton everything he knows. #SuperBowl
Orange alum @Chan95Jones after last years #SuperBowl
Paint the #HoF ORANGE. Congrats to Marvin Harrison and the rest of the 2016 Class! 🍊🍊🍊
Orange alum Joe Morris had 67 rush yds, 4 receptions & a TD to help lead the @Giants to victory in #SuperBowl XXI
#Illuminati or #Doritos?
Congrats Marvin Harrison on being the 8th Syracuse alum to be selected to the @ProFootballHOF What an achievement!🍊
Tonight after @SuperBowl on CBS5, its @CoachBabersCuse most revealing TV interview. @NikoTamurian has it!
THIS JUST IN: Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch has told people close to him he plans to retire. (via @AdamSchefter)
Flint thanks Syracuse
Carson: "When did we in the United States not send people to help our own people?"


We will be giving away 3 $100 Ivory Ella gift cards 🐘💕✌🏼️

Must RT & follow to win!! 😊😊
Man. Cant thank the @Panthers enough! #keeppounding
Happy Birthday to @Isaiah_Thomas!
Best staff in the country 🤘🏼🍊
"The Helmet Catch" #SuperBowl XLII
I know its #SuperBowl Sunday, but its going to be hard to top this one today. Well done, Internet.
ARISE & Ski celebrates 20 years of going downhill
RT during the big game for your shot at a big gain. #EsuranceSweepstakes #SB50
FINAL: No. 23 Syracuse 71, @GTWBB 52. The Orange record 22 steals on the day, their second-most in 2015-16.
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Vine by SportsCenter - ????????
This should of been the Super Bowl halftime show.

RT @Dory: if Beyoncé can save herself from falling during halftime wearing heels, you can do anything

Syracuse, NY

RT @LadyGagaNowNet: VIDEO: Lady Gaga dancing to 'Uptown Funk' during the halftime at the Super Bowl.

Syracuse, NY

RT @SimplyAJ10: Halftime. WHERE BEYONCÉ ????

Syracuse, NY

@WhereisADTR for next year's halftime show


The halftime show sucked every year since the wardrobe malfunction

Hanover 15' ➡️ Syracuse U 19'

.@Coldplay @Beyonce @BrunoMars halftime show was great. Three talented artists on one stage? I'll take it #SuperBowl


RT @WonderWhovian: Incase you missed the halftime show, this was it (plus more Bey??)

Syracuse, NY

I believe this Time Warner commercial less than I believe people liked the halftime show

Syracuse, NY

RT @TheDirtNetwork: A root canal at the dirt track would have been more pleasureable than that halftime show.

syracuse, ny

Now THAT'S a halftime show! Perfect! #BestHalftimeShowEver2016 #Coldplay #MsBeyonce #BrunoMars #SuperBowl50

United States




#SB50 #PepsiHalftime




Brady refusing to remove his sunglasses. #TFM