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Happy Day 3 of the Great New York State Fair! @nysfair #nysfair

Syracuse, NY

This calf was born minutes ago @NYSFair Dairy Cow Birthing Center! Tune into @TWCNewsCNY for more! #NYSFair.

Syracuse, NY

In case you missed these awesome @jasonderulo concert photos!! #NYSFair

Syracuse NY

You've gotta see these @jasonderulo concert photos!! #NYSFair

Syracuse NY

Jason Derulo was awesome tonight!!!!! #NYSFair #trumpets #wiggle #talkdirty


We've got your @jasonderulo concert photos!! #NYSFair

Syracuse NY

If you ever have the chance to see Jason Derulo, just go. Always so fun. #nysfair

Syracuse, NY

"Turn that shit up louder!" #1000hp #Uproar #NYSFair @godsmack_music

Syracuse, NY