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#TweetSomethingYouGetALot "Wait I thought you go to school in Ohio"


#TweetSomethingYouGetAlot hey


#TweetSomethingYouGetALot "Eww why do you like the Yankees?"


#TweetSomethingYouGetALot "Stand next to me in this picture so I look tanner"


#TweetSomethingYouGetALot "Why are you so white?"


#TweetSomethingYouGetAlot "don't do coke or become an ASU slut when you leave"

ASU ☀️

#TweetSomethingYouGetAlot Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Sudden Valley

#TweetSomethingYouGetAlot "so you can kick my ass" ...NO

ASU ☀️

#TweetSomethingYouGetAlot you're rich


#TweetSomethingYouGetAlot "you taste like mangoes too"