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@col_nj @PatVPeters Here’s #CrookedHillary signaling “Throw Me A Dead Fish"
she ate that.
They ain't NEVER seen a young rich nigga in Amsterdam LMFAOOOO😂😂😂
We all need a friend like this 😂😂😂
Tim Tebow hits a ding ding on his first pitch seen in professional ball 😳
Obama really did #that
- Vine by Carrabis - Barstool Sports
@Norwegian4Trump @BarackObama
next day shipping be like
dude playing dramatic music in the background while Cam'ron arguing with his girl. LEGENDARY 😂
When big/little week starts tomorrow....
These emotions... You can hear the pain in her voice😢
Niggas had a how to presentation in class, and this nigga is presenting how to get waves LMAO
This dog doing a 'trust fall' with his owner is just too good
At Monday's debate, Trump denied saying a lot of the things he's said. Let's set the record straight.
just listen. #blacklivesmatter
No place like Sun Devil Stadium. #MaroonMonsoon time-lapse.
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today i found all the subtweets my roommate has made about me, so i printed them out and hung them up in our dorm ❤
Thank you Phoenix 🌿 Only a few shows left on the North America tour!
false alarm tomorrow 🚨
No need to wait anymore, @JaelenStrong and I are here 😈
I love seeing the leaves change colors in Los Angeles in the fall.
My friend needed sweatpants in order to go in her lab and take a quiz so Im just chilling in the restroom for 50 mins with booty shorts on
College be like
When youre 1-3 and have to play ASU #BeatUSC
Me cause bae plays too much
Glendale glitters, AZ state fair, Odysea aquarium, and zoo lights date anyone????🙄🙆🏼😍
Being a Sun Devil means making his family and the state of Arizona proud. @NkealHarry15 chatting with @12News today.
Tim Tebow just hit a home run on the first pitch he faced in his first instructional league game.

That really happened.
the American presidential race is one big meme
Hayden Library
Tempe, AZ 😍
"Ill drop your lowest test grade at the end of the semester"
NEW TOMORROW 💚 @ph0eberyan 1pm eastern on @itunes Cant wait to hear what you all think!
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RT @iowahawkblog: "If you don't vote for A, you're really voting for B" is the Schrodinger's Cat of extremely stupid people.

Tempe, AZ

Go vote!!! Keep us on top

Tempe, AZ

RT @NetworksManager: Roll Call Vote PASS Detail CR Funding Republicans Sold The Internet Let's get @realDonaldTrump Elected+Clean House

Tempe, AZ

RT @OliviaHooverNaz: Trump says awful things. Hillary has DONE awful things. Both are horrible. Vote #JohnsonWeld2016 #GaryJohnson @GovGaryJohnson

Tempe, AZ

RT @CorinaDelWC: I'd rather vote for a woman who knowingly used the wrong server rather than voting for a national Hate Symbol.

Probs at a Dutch in Tempe, AZ

Poles are open. Go and vote

Tempe, AZ

Who did @Kuumbaye bribe to vote caramel FUCKING WHO

Tempe, AZ

RT @catcostagliola: when you are told to get involved and your vote matters, but you share your opinion and a grown man comments this a…

Tempe, AZ

Let's vote for our own Herbie Husker!

Tempe Arizona

RT @ppppolls: Just got a very angry voicemail from a woman who couldn't find our post debate poll online to vote for and said it was VERY UNFAIR (1 of ?)

Tempe, Arizona


When youre 1-3 and have to play ASU #BeatUSC


Its happening! Your Boston #RedSox are officially the 2016 AL East Champions! 🙌 #WINDANCEREPEAT


Its happening! Your Boston #RedSox are officially the 2016 AL East Champions! 🙌 #WINDANCEREPEAT


Thank you Phoenix 🌿 Only a few shows left on the North America tour!