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Vine by SportsCenter - Matt Barnes fakes throwing ball at Kobe's face.
So I'm walking to class and this random dude started crossing people up😂
How many days until Game One? 🙌 @SunDevilEquip over here making sure everything is in order!
You don't see shots like that in MMA.
You can tell she hangs out with the black kids during recess 🔥🙄🔥® @zaytovenbeatz 🗝🤘🏾®
There is honestly no point in doing anything but this guy's job.
never forget this
Freaking INSANE! #WaterBottleChallenge
Happy National #WaffleDay! Here is a live* look at waffles flowing into Tempe Town Lake. #abc15
fun day with my bestest pals
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It was MY honor to play here for 20 years. Much respect, LA.   #kobebryantday
kindergarten➡️senior year🎓😜
Katie Ledecky had Bryce Harper hold all of her medals while she threw out the first pitch. (via @CSNNationals)
this is the start of a good senior year
We demand justice
next time u decide to go out and eat and not tip just remember this is your servers paycheck after taxes 😊😊😊😊
sunset cliffs, ca
Childish Gambino confirms new album will arrive next month:
"Wheres my french vanilla?" LMAO 😂💀
Im trying to pass this semester
Who takes photo booth selfies anymore?
Flunkerton at the Office Olympics 📑 #MHSolympics
➡️ Come To The Bookstore!!! ⬅️

& Get Your FREE 🎉💯😈📚📍
• ASU Gear 
• Hungry Howies 
• Chick-fil-a

From 10 - 2PM ⏰🍕🐓
Excited to check out all that Greek life at ASU has to offer!
Stop by college times for your share of FREEEE ✌🏼️ Ill throw you a bone 😉
Harambe memorial at ASU. #TFM
state fair date where ya @??
"I have never seen anyone sharper then John McCain." -Jerry Lewis 
There is only one choice for #AZSen
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RT @hunter_shires: Welcome to the ASU honors college

Tempe, AZ

RT @_xsimplylala: Should've went to ASU

Tempe, AZ

RT @_xsimplylala: Should've went to ASU

Yokosuka, Japan//Tempe, AZ

RT @HannahPya: I fucking love ASU Its the best university In the world

Tempe, AZ

RT @Shortney_Cass: @lexxiiee_xox asu is one of the top party schools, lot of people have family out here, its cheap, one of the top college towns right by la..

Tempe, AZ

RT @LannyPopp: Some guys in a SUV just sprayed alcohol on us and yelled "sit on my face" keepin it classy ASU

Tempe, AZ

RT @leenaonthagram_: I fucking love ASU

Tempe, AZ

RT @RealEstate_W0LF: Friends at both ASU and U of A, follow my IG @C0LLEGE_BABES on Instagram 🤓📸

Tempe, AZ

RT @haleymccord1: One of the ASU police officers offered me a Red Bull and I declined and then he told me I broke his heart😂

Tempe, AZ

RT @K13MusicLife: 👑 ASU 🎓 Is Supporting Chris Solomon, Some Of His Shirts Will Be Given Out At The School For The…

Tempe, AZ


Today in Tempe AZ.






Dont miss @SeanHannity @FoxNews- tonight at 10pE. @DonaldJTrumpJr @SenatorSessions @GovernorPerry #Giuliani! #MAGA
You dont see shots like that in MMA.


Tune in to @espn 12:30PST/1:30MST, Sat. Aug. 27 to watch @saguarofootball play Valor Christian live from Colorado