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Make sure to check out these events for ISU's 100th Homecoming!
Just amazing, @FlashGJr. #JDF16
Dee Gordon's emotional homer.
When you're out here getting absolutely roasted and all you can do is drop the F bomb under your breath
Happy Monday! Let's get after it! @isuathltraining @NICER_Lab @isu_atsa
Too bad this guy isn't the moderator for the Trump/Clinton debate tonight #debatenight
WRECKED. Merica.
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He makes me really happy 🙈😬
STATE celebrates 100 years of Homecoming! Be a part of history. #Stateis150 #StateHC
👀 👀 Look out, the #Sycamores are climbing up the polls...

trump camp deleting tweets in real-time
Jumping into homecoming week like
Congratulations to Matt Hill (Cross Country) and Matt Murray (Football Special Teams)... HCAC Players of the Week!
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Still not clear on what each candidate really wants sounds like husband and wife arguing #cingtg #iDebate16

Terre Haute, IN

Did Trump really just advocate for stop and frisk? which was found to be an unconstitutional practice. #cingtg #iDebate16

Indiana State University

RT @IsaiasJacksonJr: #cingtg #iDebate16 How is Barack Obama the issue with the shooting in Chicago ?!

Terre Haute, IN

What an insightful first debate! #pcc2016 #iDebate16

Terre Haute, IN

Hillary says she trusts our democracy and Trump instead talks only about America's supposed problems. #Debates #pcc2016 #iDebate16

Indiana State University

Not one thing in the last 30 minutes of this debate has been talk about how they will benefit our country haha omg #iDebate16 #cingtg

Terre Haute, IN

Temperment is going to be big in this election. Which candidate has the temperment for the White House? #pcc2016 #idebate16 #cpdone

Terre Haute, IN

Trump says, "I think my strongest asset is my temperment." ... Clinton says ... "Woo, okay!" #pcc2016 #idebate16 #cpdone

Terre Haute, IN

Just move onTrump. It's clear you lost this one #cingtg #iDebate16

Terre Haute, IN

RT @PRICE_isright_: I'll criticize Hillary too. I think both candidates could have been better and more in depth when talking about race. #cingtg #idebate16

Terre Haute, IN