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Vine by lifeofskylynn - How I feel when I watch Nash Grier vines. Go vote for him at Teen Choice Awards
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Whats up guys? Hope you enjoy the music video. Make sure you check out "California," along with the rest of the Calibraska EP! This song is meant to inspire you to chase whatever dream you may have. You can do anything you set your mind to! Thanks for watching. 

#CaliforniaMusicVideo is here!

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im still freaking out because of these polaroids of nash in a white suit
Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed my ever so exciting morning routine! If you wanna try out a sample of the hair product I use, go here: :) 
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Appreciate Texas High hosting us today at #ETSNPhotoDays-Texarkana. Awesome group to work with.

Texarkana Childcare: Preschool curriculum - Teaching your child basic habits of healthy living that will last a lifetime! 903.838.4697

Texarkana, Texas

Coffee (@ McDonald's in Texarkana, TX)

Texarkana tx

I ran 2.30 mi with @mapmyride. Check out my route in Texarkana, AR, United States! #run #running

Texarkana, Tx

Currently at Custom Car Care in Texarkana: 70.1F, Clear - 5:54 AM CDT Aug. 1

Texarkana, TX

Texarkana Childcare: Health and Wellness Preschool curriculum - Call us 2day! 903.838.4697

Texarkana, Texas

Why does kelly at the texarkana @manpower not hire black people or women to certain employers?? Seems weird to me!?

Texarkana, TX

I've been in Texarkana for two days now ?

870 ✈️ Little Rock, Ar 501
Appreciate Texas High hosting us today at #ETSNPhotoDays-Texarkana. Awesome group to work with.


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