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TPD Vice/Narcotics recovered (7) handguns and a shotgun while executing a search warrant on a known gang location.
Casillas: “ CR7 me agarró por el hombro y me dijo: Aunque te vea en el banco se que eres el mejor portero del mundo”
Dispongo de cabra
¿Os acordáis de la vecina del 2°A? Pues ya tenemos contestación de la del 2°B
The @SCSpikes better have Mikki Padilla dealing the cards on Carlton Banks Night
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The Thunder need to make a move. Westbrook gotta go

Toledo, Ohio

"@AthleteEditz: This is why Westbrook hurts the Thunder sometimes" but he hit that a 4 point okay to go to OT

Toledo, OH

RT @ericsports: Cliff Paul thinks Westbrook needs to pass

toledo, ohio

If the thunder lose this series, they should get rid of Westbrook and get an actual point guard and a decent shooting guard

Toledo, OH

The Thunder WILL NOT win a championship with Westbrook, but they CAN NOT win a championship without him


Fun RT @KevinWeiss21: Westbrook is not a championship caliber POINT GUARD.


Craig hate Westbrook with a burning passion lol

Toledo, OH

See what you do Westbrook


RT @AS_NBA: FINAL. ¡Falla Durant! ¡Habrá prórroga! Memphis 85 - 85 Oklahoma. Los Thunder han remontado 17 puntos gracias a un gran Westbrook.


Wow. Westbrook

Buck City, OH


RT @Gvmby: Bae: Come over. Me: I dont have a car. Bae: Im horny. Me:
"@Awkward_Fun: When bae is mad at me I be like" @MandaRose_