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This is so cute 😍
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RT @benshapiro: 6 Ways Leftists Will Destroy The Constitution After Scalia's Death | Daily Wire

Topeka KS

RT @benshapiro: Scalia-free SCOTUS means end of free speech, freedom of religion, Second Amendment, protection of unborn life

Topeka KS

RT @benshapiro: Reagan said we were one generation away from the end of freedom. With Scalia's death, accelerate that timetable.

Topeka KS

RT @SecretsBedard: NRA: Scalia death puts gun rights in jeopardy @CamEdwards @NRA via @DCExaminer

Topeka KS

RT @JohnFetterman: Scalia was nominated in an election year, & confirmed unanimously by Republican-controlled U.S. Senate only 48 days befo…


RT @RepMikePompeo: Justice Antonin Scalia was a conservative titan of the US Supreme Court. My thoughts & prayers go out to his family

Topeka, KS

RT @justkarl: Cruz on FNC makes key point: Scalia's death may cause GOP voters to sober up about this campaign.

Topeka KS

RT @blucaller: GOP- Don't mess w/ Her: Hillary Clinton goes off on Republicans who would delay Scalia's replacement


RT @Shoq: Antonia Scalia died today. My token humanity grieves for any loss of life. My real humanity celebrates the end of a hideous judicial tenure.


I called my parents to tell them about Scalia. They are on vacation. Which means this happened:

Topeka, KS


Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming.Isaiah 14:9 #scalia #in hell #AnswerTime
#BernieSanders voters....
Lowest gas prices in over a decade....