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Nooo bruh Im fucking dyingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ’€
Sweet Home Alabama is my jam. Universal backlot, 6:30am, video by @ikebarinholtz
I'm happy I made the best decision of my life by getting baptized this morning!!! He not done with me yet.
The electrifying Michael Vick turns 36 today
What little award show wasn't Bey coming too?! πŸ‘€ #BETAwards
😭😭😭😭 RT @Lizzs_Lockeroom: Look at Samuel L! #BETAwards
It's over. This one can't be topped.
Disney and Pixar will never ever be able to top this
Actual footage from the first date with my wife. Tried to surprise her and totally forgot I was a fucking shark.
BeyoncΓ©'s dancers & crew in #Formation at the #BETAwards! #LEMONADE
Vine by SportsCenter - Where will KD land?
On June 26, 2012, a playoff for college football was born. What a great four years it's been! #CFBPlayoff
IM DONE πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Pistons found their backup PG. He was there the whole time
when you think bae still got feelings for her ex
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#bamaboysbreaktheinternet 😍😍😍
Extremely excited that Alpha Delta was recognized as an exceptional AOII chapter at AOII Leadership Institute 2016!
what she wants to say vs what she actually says
look! hes been HIDING the pickles under his TONGUE the WHOLE time!!!!
Coastal Carolina heads to #CWS Finals for 1st time in history! Chanticleers defeat TCU, 7-5, and will face Arizona.
#TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet starter pack
"You say it, and you say it loud."
Rising 2017 C to visit #Alabama Sunday (VIP) via @247Sports
Snakes freshman year at Alabama. 
Yes, he wore #11. Some guy named "Namath," wore 12 at that time.
Alligator spotted near The Links Tuscaloosa apartment community
#TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet Damn yall look good
#TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet Hey Girlies! πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸ»  Yall look so good 😍
God Bless Chick-Fil-A. Merica.
when youre out to eat with your friends and everyone orders a water but you get a Coke
.@cthagod & @BronzeBomber at tonights #ThurmanPorter fight in Brooklyn.
Harry Potter and the
Tammy is sooo pretty. 😩😍
When im taking a nap and my mom yells 
greys anatomy in 3 pictures
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What little award show wasnt Bey coming too?! ???? #BETAwards
???????????????? RT @Lizzs_Lockeroom: Look at Samuel L! #BETAwards
..then she got the nerve to be performing Freedom. #BETAwards ????????????
Vine by ELLE Magazine - BEYONCE AT THE #BETawards!!!!!
BeyoncΓ©s dancers & crew in #Formation at the #BETAwards! #LEMONADE
Meagan Good better slay my life!! #BETAwards

Bryson wins over Chris, I'm fine with that ? #BETAwards

Tuscaloosa, AL

Ummm @Tyrese ? What music he put out lately to get a nomination? #BETAwards

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

RT @bomani_jones: this dude terence j. talking about voting right now. he was just as dead damn serious hosting that dunk contest on tnt. #betawards


If Chris wins this is rigged #BETAwards

Tuscaloosa, AL

RT @Bossip: Lol @SamuelLJackson be like ??? #BETAwards

Tuscaloosa, AL

RT @BETAwards: LIVE on #Periscope: #BETAwards Backstage

Tuscaloosa, AL.

RT @Phunky_Brewster: Look at this Formation Tour commercial pretending that you can still get tickets. #BETAwards

Tuscaloosa, AL

RT @Lizzs_Lockeroom: Thank you for this new meme Maxwell ?#BETAwards

ATL ➑ Tuscaloosa

RT @DropDeadGeorgeZ: Birdman was sitting there like "yall done or yall finish?" #BETAwards

Huntsville, AL/Tuscaloosa, AL

got twitter open on my phone and my mac! i'm not missing a meme tonight!!! #BETAwards

Tuscaloosa, AL


Actual footage from the first date with my wife. Tried to surprise her and totally forgot I was a fucking shark.








20 years ago today, the Philadelphia 76ers made Allen Iverson the No. 1 overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft.
Vine by SportsCenter - Where will KD land?




???????????????? RT @Lizzs_Lockeroom: Look at Samuel L! #BETAwards
Samuel Jackson a freak lmfao