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another one of my followers used my bio & got $500 worth of make-up delivered to her door & sent me this video!
If makeup artist were rappers LMFAO!! "I cut these hoes off i call that a cut crease" 🔥😂😭💀 #MakeUp
MY CITY SO TALENTED He murdered a snare drum solo to Desiigner's Timmy Turner When he uses 1 stick! #DCornothing
when you read my bio, then actually get $500 worth of makeup sent to your house for FREE! Limited supplies left
Actual representation of how I record myself on snapchat.. 💀
this 4 year old girl made a make-up tutorial and it's the best thing I've ever seen 😂😭
i love her this makeup tutorial it made me laugh
2016 JTUF Player and Parent Meeting
I Can't Believe We Use To Do This 😂😂
Vine by MarlonWebb - When your crush becomes single #SlidingInYourDmsLike 😂😂😂😂😂 #ihadto #remake
Vine by House of Highlights (Official) - Stole home plate through his legs! 😳 (via Twitter/Eich14)
Vine by SportsCenter - Proud papa.
They said Lil Uzi song sound like a ravioli commercial 😂😭
Vine by Patrick Dempsey Edits - PATRICK DANCING TODAY 😂😍
Trying to open Instagram like
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RT!!!  if youre gonna cheat on my sister, at least make sure the other bitch doesnt post about it 😊😊
Met in college, graduated with our BA, got engaged, did long distance, now married. A lot can change in 4 years.
The play for August 6th. Be there 😈
My sisters maternity pics...Im cracking up 😂😂
Unlimited rare Pokemon cheat👉 hurry before they fix this 😂 😂 probably wont last long
I have never been happier in my whole life than I am while looking at this picture
twitter do your thing 💬
Shelby #DSIGfanvote
"I miss high school."
"I still talk to the people I graduated with."
"Best 4 years of my life."
How could someone down grade like that? I mean would yall ever cheat on my sister with a rat? 😂😂😂
Ugh,this site just ruined my relationship!!😫😫💔
the only orgasm Ive ever had lmao
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RT @TMT_AndrewB: @CityofTyler staff talks with members of @Tylerpaper editorial board about the upcoming Tyler city budget

Tyler Texas

Tyler jaloux je le prend où il veut Ptin

Dans le lit de Tyler

RT @TMT_AndrewB: @CityofTyler staff talks with members of @Tylerpaper editorial board about the upcoming Tyler city budget

Tyler, Texas

RT @topcliique: tyler: "you have a lot of pidgeys here, josh caught a scyther earlier today"

Photoshopping Josh and Tyler

@xoBurt_ yes. Before you get into whitehouse coming from Tyler on 110. Left hand side

Tyler, TX

RT @getoutgaskarth: tyler joseph breaking gender roles rt if you agree

nico is the josh to my tyler

We're #hiring! Click to apply: Branch Service Leader ( Tyler SW Loop ) - #regions #regionsbank #Banking #Tyler, TX

Birmingham, Alabama

@tylertherat Its Done :) & Tyler I'm Gonna Let U See It When I Meet U & I Hope U Will Sign It :) ❤

kelis Nana Sami Tyler

More details tonight @ 6 on @KLTV7 on a Lake Tyler drowning and the man that family says was a great person.

Tyler, TX

Tyler Texas Mobility help, come let us help today. #mobility #service

Tyler, Texas