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Me - Vine by Lady Gaga Daily - Me
OMG, Mario smash - Vine by Matt Johnson - OMG, Mario smash
Vine by Clemson Tigers - "Them boys up to something..." What a time to be a Tiger! 🐅🐾💯 #ALLIN #Clemson
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lol LIT 😂😭
Milan Signing, 03/10/15

Houston QB @G_Ward1 gets to ride in the front seat because hes a good guy at sports. #HTownTakeover
Check out todays kid friendly @Tylerpaper. My kids loved the pics of pet blessings and clowns by @TMT_Sarah
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RT @MadisonMcGloin: the fact that tyler puts up with savannah amazes me

with tyler

Tyler Municipal Court makes changes to improve service. DETAILS:

Tyler Texas

Hi Tyler Levasseur : LevasseurTyler, Do u want to get FREE iPh0ne 6 TODAY? Please check my bi0. Thx

Tyler, TX

RT @tylers_sink: "hey tyler?" "yeah mark?" "wanna have a photoshoot in the middle of a road?" "yeah thats sick"

Tyler, TX

ICYMI: Fighting for Ty: Tyler family copes with son's mental illness, stigma DETAILS:

Tyler Texas

Looks like I get to go back to Tyler today ? who wants to go to the fair?

Tyler, Texas

Thank you soooo much @chasesage351 we love you!! ❤️? best birthday ever! #finally21 @ Tyler, Texas

Tyler, TX

RT @chaymeans: LastNight Was LiT just a taste of what #TJCClassic Gone Be Like ??? This Saturday 220 Lounge Tyler tx #TJC17 #TJC16

Tyler, TX

But of course they don't have one here in Tyler :-)))

HTX • UT Tyler

Be on the lookout for events this week during UT Tyler 2015 Homecoming Oct. 5 – 10 #UTtyler #homecoming #swoopswoop

Tyler, TX


#TJCClassic ‼️ OCT ????‼️????LADIES ???? TILL 10‼️‼️ NEXT FRIDAY‼️#DabChicksPromo ???? ???? #Blinn17 #PVAMU19 #SFA19 #TJC17 #tjc16
#TJCClassic #Tjc17 #tjc16 ???????????????????????????????????????? #DabChicksPromo #DabBrosEnt ????????????????????????????????????????????????????