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They need to chill with this water bottle flipping πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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I just want to go to Fiesta Days, get me a turkey leg & lay on the grass. That's ol.

California, USA

Welcome Fiesta Days Parade!!! What a great view from the salon!! #downtownvacaville #fiestadays…

Vacaville, Ca

Catch my family in the Fiesta Days Parade?. #MartinezFamily

Vacaville, CA

Watch Fiesta Days Live from Carrington Real Estate & Mortgage

Vacaville, CA

I wanna go swimming then hit fiesta days

707 | 805

@mlharvey26 I'm going to Fiesta Days again, today. There's a lot more to do today.

Vacaville, Ca.

who trynna get to fiesta days w me ??


RT @shmeviee: come to the fiesta days parade tmrw & support the Vanden band & colorguard ?

Vacaville, CA

Niggas still go to fiesta days or wassup?

Vacaville, CA

@youngmamarach I'm going to go get fiesta day tomorrow just to get one ...

Dixon, CA


This wasnt the #undercover assignment he thought it was going to be #ffpd @Fairfieldfire
This guy saw the turkey and now he wants to tag along on foot patrol. #ffpd #hopehedoesntbite via @OfcrKathrynM