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Hundreds obtain Mexican gov ID from the Mexican consulate at Valdosta Goodwill this week. More in Thurs VDT #valdosta

#CollegeInvasion the farewell edition July 31 @HarlemNights everybody come turn up before we go back to school

Queens - FL- Atl- Valdosta

Elementary vs high school????


RT @Nataliee_Paigee: today was perffff ????????????????

Valdosta, Georgia

#collegeinvasionreloaded on the 31st


I just might step out

Valdosta, GA

Sweets after work ????

Valdosta, Georgia.

#dead ????

Valdosta, GA

RT @trutherbot:

Valdosta, GA

Bang bang...U ain't makin noise

Valdosta, GA

#WCW Kendra the Sentra ????????????????

Valdosta, GA.


YouTube - #CompassReCap 2013 - 2014