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"RT @sam_amick: Another wrinkle in Aldridge sweepstakes: Lillard is heading to LA to convince his teammate to stay"
Visit @FtVancouverNPS on the 4th for all day entertainment & the best fireworks show in #VanWa! #CouvSummer
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@wessywes2 sad to see you go. Thanks for everything #ironman u will always be part of #ripcity @trailblazers #3goggles #bowandarrow #wesfan

Vancouver Wa

@wessywes2 gonna miss you Wes! Glad to see your dreams come true. You'll be back better than ever! #RipCity

Vancouver, Washington

@wessywes2 You deserve everything. We will always love you. Thanks for the memories!!

vancouver, wa

Usually indifferent to seeing players come and go, but I'll truly miss having @wessywes2 in Portland. True pro's pro

Vancouver, WA

Good luck in Dallas, @wessywes2. Appreciate the hard work you put in PDX.

Vancouver, Washington

RT @Blazersedge: Congratulations, @wessywes2. You earned your way. We're going to miss you. #IronMan

Vancouver, WA

RT @AsplundJorden: Come back to Portland @aldridge_12 @wessywes2, we've got waaaayy more strip clubs than SA or SAC for you to party at after you win the ring?

Vancouver, Wa

@Blazersedge @wessywes2 Wes has been my favorite Blazer since coming over. Sad to see him go. Now it's about #MeyersLegend.

Vancouver, WA

@wessywes2 that ref has a house in SacTown and Dallas. His butt will always be in your face if you leave Portland.

vancouver, wa

@wessywes2 if you leave portland I might have to change my son's name and he will grow up with identity issues. #wesdontleaveus #RipCity

vancouver, wa








Hey Wes, theres this crazy rumor that youre headed to Dallas...... Wes? Wes! WES!!!!??? #RipCity


Visit @FtVancouverNPS on the 4th for all day entertainment & the best fireworks show in #VanWa! #CouvSummer