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RT @AJBADASSS: ????????

Vancouver, WA

My mom totally forgot "k" was pronounced "k" and said "key" instead.

Vancouver, WA

RT @Aly_theCreator: Claiming there is no other life in the universe is like scooping up a cup of water, looking it & claiming there are no whales in the ocean.

Vancouver, WA

what happened this year? lol

Vancouver, WA

Day 2 with Jerred Seamons is a rap. The qb from Idaho, threw the rock with accuracy. He moved with…

Vancouver, WA

Psychology Comes To Halt As Weary Researchers Say The Mind Cannot Possibly Study Itself | The Onion

Vancouver, WA

Eggs and hashbrowns for dinner.

Vancouver, Washington

Q3: If I can make a connection for a student that they seem to be missing, I step in to do so. Did that with a music student today. #sachat

Vancouver, WA

I've finally figured it out. You're scared to have to support yourself. It all makes sense now. ????

Vancouver Washington

RT @marcuslord15: Work.

Vancouver, WA