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Ventura, CA ????

Ventura, CA


Photoset: hot4hairy: Dirk Willis H O T 4 H A I R Y Tumblr | Tumblr Ask | Twitter Email | Archive | Follow...

Ventura, CA

Very strange criteria MT @slynnsnyder: #Camarillo ranked #6 city in CA for young professionals

Ventura, CA

Enzymes vanish when heated to 106°. Your body temp is 98.6, some might think they could heat their food just a little. Come on knock it off.

Ventura, California

#Entrepreneurs invest in ongoing education, always learning. Events, online courses, reading. Do you? #RealLifeLearning #BizTip

Ventura, California

We’re unveiling our new website To share on our share board: #downtownventura & #weareventura

Ventura, CA

Ventura, CA

Photo: Painting on some driftwood this morning. #tiki #painting #disney #disneyland #junglecruise #safari...

Ventura, CA

So many artists and dates and paintings to memorize before 7 lolz #wtfdavinci

Ventura, CA